Goal 10 calls for reducing inequalities in income as well as those based on age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic or other status within a country. The Goal also addresses inequalities among countries, including those related to representation, migration and development assistance.

Inequality within and among nations continues to be a significant concern despite progress in and efforts at narrowing disparities of opportunity, income and power. Income inequality continues to rise in many parts of the world, even as the bottom 40 per cent of the population in many countries has experienced positive growth rates. Greater emphasis will need to be placed on reducing inequalities in income as well as those based on other factors. Additional efforts are needed to increase zero-tariff access for exports from least developed countries and developing countries, and assistance to least developed countries and small island developing States.

Member companies & Organizations

Safer Sweden Foundation

The Safer Sweden Foundation is a non-partisan NGO (non-governmental organization) that is run without an underlying profit interest. The purpose is to improve assistance to crime victims and to promote development in the area of ​​crime prevention. The work is focused on finding new ideas, new forms of collaboration and new solutions. The business is conducted […]


Globalities AB is an innovation holding company with interests in several early-stage startups. Globalities AB has created or co-created several innovative solutions and is helping teams in making these successful: – Happening Sprial Ekonomisk förening runs music platform Lyssna På Oss Nu! – Events N’ Spaces Ekonomisk förening runs Japyo! social media app – Lykvyd […]


VETERANPOOLEN – ERFAREN HJÄLP MED HEMSTÄD, TRÄDGÅRD OCH HANTVERK Veteranpoolen hjälper dig med hem, hantverk, trädgård och omsorg! Våra kunder är i alla åldrar. Men våra veteraner är trygga, erfarna och flexibla pensionärer som hjälper till löpande eller när du ringer efter oss. Vi har alla tjänster som gör din tillvaro lite enklare. Exempelvis hemstäd, hantverk, […]


RealStars works for a better world free of trafficking. We work on a broad front to create debate and channel public opinion against sex trafficking. Our message is Fair Sex. This means that we think that sex should happen on equal terms, without coercion or violence, in all situations and for all people around the […]


Creating a better future with drones We use drone photos as data to create a better future for our clients, people & the planet! 1 drone map = 1000 photos = 1 000 000 words  


Our vision is for all young people to feel their value in society and find their own paths to jobs and dreams. We create and run long-term programs within collaboration school-work life, as well as other programs that will make it easier for young people to find their own paths to work. We sell participation […]

ACCESS Health Sweden

Aging well is a global priority. Sweden, like many other countries, confronts significant challenges due to population aging. Estimates suggest that nearly a quarter of the population of Sweden will be sixty-five years or older by 2050. Longer life expectancies and steady retirement ages are boosting the support ratio, creating a need for new ways […]


IntegraNet is a non-profit organization, started in 2016, which deals with media activities and aims to introduce Swedish culture, customs, laws and traditions to new arrivals and asylum seekers in a media-based way, and also to accelerate the Swedish language.   IntegraNet focuses on a number of issues, of which: Assist with support for the […]


Thinkful provides the best return on education. Too often Americans’ careers are dictated by where we’re born not ambition and grit. Thinkful is creating wealth beyond where it’s already concentrated and for those whose talent is too often overlooked, across the US. We don’t offer “degrees”. We get you a job. In the rare case […]

Lauri Robbins Ericson

Lauri Robbins Ericson makes gender equity simple and safe to transform organizational culture so every individual feels connected, courageous and equal. Explore how to enhance leadership within your organization, conduct an inclusive gender audit, or support female executives looking for an advisor for increased employee satisfaction and retention, better decision making, increased brand credibility, greater […]