Goal 1 calls for an end to poverty in all its manifestations by 2030. It also aims to ensure social protection for the poor and vulnerable, increase access to basic services and support people harmed by climate-related extreme events and other economic, social and environmental shocks and disasters.

The decline of global extreme poverty continues, but has slowed. The deceleration indicates that the world is not on track to achieve the target of less than 3 per cent of the world living in extreme poverty by 2030. People who continue to live in extreme poverty face deep, entrenched deprivation often exacerbated by violent conflicts and vulnerability to disasters. Strong social protection systems and government spending on key services often help those left behind get back on their feet and escape poverty, but these services need to be brought to scale.

Member companies & Organizations


The Salvation Army in Sweden is found in about 90 cities / municipalities with 196 operations. It is a parish service with worship services and group activities for all ages. The union / congregation also runs various forms of open social work in 49 of these activities. The union’s social work is aimed at different […]

Plastic Bank

Plastic Bank is an economic development firm that empowers disenfranchised communities to exchange any type of plastic for currency. Plastic Bank builds and activates recycling infrastructure in the world’s poorest regions. Residents are invited to earn a stable income stream by exchanging plastic material. Ocean-bound plastic is collected and returned for cash, digital currency, healthcare […]


Biovision was founded in 1998 by Swiss World Food Prize recipient Dr. Hans Rudolf Herren, with the aim of sustainably improving life for people in Africa while conserving the environment as the basis for all life. In the 1980s, the world renowned entomologist Hans Rudolf Herren saved millions of people in Africa from starving to […]

Lauri Robbins Ericson

Lauri Robbins Ericson makes gender equity simple and safe to transform organizational culture so every individual feels connected, courageous and equal. Explore how to enhance leadership within your organization, conduct an inclusive gender audit, or support female executives looking for an advisor for increased employee satisfaction and retention, better decision making, increased brand credibility, greater […]

Street Business

Together with participants, Street Business will develop new business ideas that will give homeless people who also have disabilities, strengthened self-confidence and the opportunity for self-sufficiency. With the start of a social cooperative where the members are both involved and co-owners, the project should contribute to meaningfulness and respect for people who today live in […]

Human Rights and Science

Our mission is to offer a platform for Equal partnership collaboration between non-OECD and OECD country stakeholders, which ensures mutual trust, mutual benefit and sustainable economy. Our main activity is to be an appreciated partner with social entrepreneurs and developers in non-OECD countries with the purpose of facilitating the implementation of the partner’s ideas. We […]

Amref Flying Doctors

For nearly sixty years, the headquarters in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, has become the hub for the African Medical and Research Foundation – Amref Flying Doctors – providing comprehensive and vital relief efforts. Among the approximately 600 people working with Amref Flying Doctors are doctors, nurses, pilots, educators and healthcare professionals. About 98% of the staff […]


Action 10 provides expertise, tools and resources to enable people facing extreme poverty to find a way out. That could be by starting a business, gaining skills or learning new ways to improve what they are already doing. We can help them build for the future. We are present in seven countries across West Africa […]

Raoul Wallenberg Differencemakers

Raoul Wallenberg Differencemakers is a non-profit association open to anyone under the age of 35 who wants to work in the Raoul Wallenberg spirit. In addition, it serves as an alumni association for those who have completed the Raoul Wallenberg Academy leadership training.

Akasha Agency

Akasha Agency is a consultancy practice founded by Juri Wawra with a focus on aligning developed world company resources and capabilities with opportunities in emerging markets in Asia and Africa that are capable of creating significant social, economic and environmental impact. Juri has been specialising on market entry strategies for young enterprises in Europe, Asia […]