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Impact Hub is a space for impact ventures, social entrepreneurs, changemakers and social innovators. Our community has a strong focus on addressing social and environmental challenges. Here you can see a few of our members and alumni.


The world needs courageous organizations that create new, better and more sustainable solutions. We help to streamline and systematize the innovation work, and ensure more and better solutions that lead to actual change. Our team has extensive experience, broad theoretical knowledge and is driven by a strong commitment to society. We are passionate about creativity […]


PocketLaw is a user-friendly and affordable total solution where the entire team can create agreements and handle the company’s legal challenges. In addition, the platform has a smart contract management system and access to lawyers. Everything you need to drive the company forward and grow, available wherever and whenever you want.


At 59degrees’ pioneering farm we harvest and cultivate aerobic, indigenous microbes and grow the colonies in our incubation hub. Once the product is mature, we feed up these fungal communities to our various growing systems to monitor the benefit they have on the plant. Our goal is to design and build growing systems that require […]


WE ARE A SPORTS MARKETING AGENCY THAT GENERATES MORE BRAND VALUE ACROSS MORE CHANNELS The shift in consumer behaviour, driven by a younger generation with unlimited entertainment options, means that developing a direct relationship with fans is the key for rights owners to unlock maximum commercial value. That direct relationship starts with ENGAGING CONTENT, is nurtured through IMMERSIVE ENTERTAINMENT and organically leads to […]

Acuity Consulting

Ready to Grow Your Online Sales Channels? Acuity Consulting is a U.S/Swedish e-commerce consulting agency with the sole dedication to help brands grow substantially on the world’s largest marketplace channels. Our consulting team has extensive industry knowledge and hands-on experience in both the European and the U.S market, driving over $75,000,000 in online revenue and […]


AN EASY WAY TO SAVE WATER   We gathered knowledge all over the world to build a turnkey solution in recycling water at home. Once installed ShowerChiottes will collect, filter and redistribute your consumed water for new uses, saving more than 20% of your daily needs.   HOW DO WE DO THIS While taking a […]


Playfully professional Playfessional bring playfulness into routines through creative tools designed for facilitation of collaborative meetings, workshops & lectures. Playfessional are on a journey to create a more inclusive, collaborative, environment for people in all roles & industries to develop themselves & their perspectives of how to work more creatively, efficiently and playfully together. Read […]

Mood Media

In-store Media Solutions to help you connect with your customers, enhance your brand image and grow your business. Connect, engage and inspire through sight, sound, scent, social and systems.

WebStrategy IT-Konsult Stockholm

Utveckling, sökmotoroptimering, rådgivning och förvaltning av webbsystem för små och medelstora företag.

Share Kayak

With our easy rental program, you can rent ‘off the beach’ from minutes to all-day. Lock and unlock your kayak with just a single click. Our kayak fleet consists of standard and deluxe kayaks, and stand-up paddle boards. We pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality crafts we can source.    


TheiShare AB produces digital locks for all types of segments. With our locks, any physical asset can be shared with others, all easy via the Frekis app. Rental businesses can be created with in few clicks. Our service includes leasing and selling capabilities once you obtain one of our locks. Any retailer or physical asset […]


Frekis is on a mission to increase reuse of resources by simplifying micro mobility and reduce need of ownerships. We believe our contribution is important to make a positive change to our environment, whilst creating businesses and having fun. We also want to empower communities with new sharing opportunities, where new businesses, new operators and […]

CSC Consulting

Specialized in advisory services for businesses and organizations that are adding value to society and running projects in line with Sustainable Development principles. Our ambition is to help organizations and people who want to do good and contribute to a better society. We and our partners have in common our intention to support the development […]


Evolution is seen as a race of survival, Humans as a species defied that logic and chose to thrive. When organizations are faced with similar odds we help them embrace learnings from human evolution, i.e. enable them to “Thrive” and “Evolve” at the same time.​ At Apeability, we are a dedicated consulting and advisory services organization that is […]


SNITTS is a non-profit, member-driven organization for those active in the academic innovation support system. We offer a meeting place for professional development, exchange of experience and increased collaboration between actors within the entire innovation support system in Sweden. SNITT’s purpose is to strengthen the profession that works with innovation support activities, both through professional development […]


Since its founding, SAVO has pioneered the way modern office chairs look and work in Scandinavia. We continue to challenge and influence the standard for tomorrow’s chairs. Our progressive, intuitive designs stimulate new modes of thinking, working and meeting. We offer the market’s most innovative chairs. They are ergonomic without being complex, which is a rarity […]


Through sustainable and Scandinavian design, we create smart furniture for the workplace of the future. At EFG, we’re proud of what we do. Because we know that a good physical working environment is important both for employee well-being and for creating long-term results. Our focus is sustainable products inspired by Scandinavian design. Products that have […]

House Be

Coworking på norrländska House Be. Lika hemma som ditt vardagsrum, men med ytor skapade för att få saker gjorda. En kreativ plats full av moderna människor med vassa idéer. Titta in till oss och träffa de vänner som redan hängt jackan i hallen.  


WeFigure specializes in real estate and film accounting. You can choose if you want us to handle the entire finance function, or just parts of it.   Accounting services We make sure that both the company and the owners behind it, get the best possible service from us. Our knowledge lies in accounting, financial statements, payroll […]


På Ponture kan du hitta och jämföra finansieringsalternativ för ditt företag – oavsett storlek. Snabbt, enkelt och helt kostnadsfritt. Ansök om företagslån, hantera fakturaköp och välj bland andra finansiella tjänster här.

Global Utmaning

Global Utmaning is an independent think tank that works for sustainable development socially, economically and climatically. We create platforms for collaboration between research, business, civil society, administration and politics, where the exchange of experience and knowledge is the basis for policy proposals that accelerate the transformation towards sustainable societies. The think tank is a node […]

Business Sweden

Sweden is a powerhouse of innovation, sustainability, co-creation and equality. This makes it a formidable platform for companies to both expand upon and use as a brand that meets the demands in an increasingly purpose-driven world. With a unique governmental and private sector mandate, we are specialists in both helping international companies to access this […]

Safer Sweden Foundation

The Safer Sweden Foundation is a non-partisan NGO (non-governmental organization) that is run without an underlying profit interest. The purpose is to improve assistance to crime victims and to promote development in the area of ​​crime prevention. The work is focused on finding new ideas, new forms of collaboration and new solutions. The business is conducted […]

Swedish Institute

The Swedish Institute is a public agency that promotes interest and trust in Sweden around the world. We work in the fields of culture, education, science and business to strengthen international relations and development. We also engage in extensive cooperation with developing countries. The focus is on enhancing the skills of individuals who have the […]

MTR Nordic

MTR Nordic Group är en del av MTR Corporation som är ett av de ledande tågbolagen i världen. Vi har gedigen kunskap om spårbunden trafik som innefattar allt från design och konstruktion till drift och fordonsunderhåll. Vi vill vara en ledande aktör som bidrar till att skapa framtidens smarta, attraktiva och hållbara transportlösningar.

Changers Hub

Changers Hub är ett innovationshus som sedan starten 2015 vuxit från 20 till 500 kvadratmeter. Idag kan du hänga hos oss i Alby, Botkyrka och Stureplan där vi erbjuder Coworking space, kurser, inspirationsföreläsningar, idécoachning och events.

Beetroot Academy

Beetroot Academy is a Swedish non-profit IT school that strives to make a substantial impact on Ukraine’s society through top-notch IT education. Founded in 2014 in Poltava, today Beetroot Academy operates in sixteen large and mid-size cities and has more than 1800 graduates. We help people build a great career in IT just within four […]


Globalities AB is an innovation holding company with interests in several early-stage startups. Globalities AB has created or co-created several innovative solutions and is helping teams in making these successful: – Happening Sprial Ekonomisk förening runs music platform Lyssna På Oss Nu! – Events N’ Spaces Ekonomisk förening runs Japyo! social media app – Lykvyd […]

Spruce Up!

SPRUCE UP! Champagne Club was founded in 2005 by champagne icon Kåre Halldén. Kåre Halldén made his first adventure trip to Champagne in the early 1990s and has since worked to spread knowledge and inspiration about the world’s most fun bubbles to as many people as possible. Over the years, SPRUCE UP! Among other things, he was […]

Purpose Engineering

Purpose Engineerings affärsidé är att hjälpa värdedrivna företag och organisationer i växande att bygga processer och styrningsredskap för en hållbar verksamhet. Det sker genom att hjälpa till att implementera rutiner, processer och verktyg för att transformera visionerna till konkret och effektiv verksamhet. Filosofin är att se det vardagspraktiska arbetet som yttersta bärare av organisationens idé […]

Precision Consulting

Precision Consulting AB stärker företags konkurrenskraft. Vi erbjuder skräddarsydd ledningsgruppsutveckling, facilitering av möten/workshops som behandlar komplexa frågor samt design av organisationens samarbets- och kommunikationsprocesser. Sammantaget transformerar vi våra kunders förmåga att förverkliga sina affärsplaner och visioner. Tjänsterna levereras i form av exempelvis kontinuerliga dialogmöten med VD/ledning, intervjuer, analyser, förändringsdesign samt facilitering av workshops. Under resans […]


Skapande ledning. Växande människor. Livskraftiga organisationer. Jan de Man Lapidoth 1993 startade jag KNOWHOUSE utifrån min önskan att bidra till ett mera mänskligt och progressivt näringsliv och samhälle. I företaget bedriver jag uppdragsarbete antingen som processledare eller som coach eller mentor. Jag gör också en del egna utvecklingsprojekt.


Our vision is for all young people to feel their value in society and find their own paths to jobs and dreams. We create and run long-term programs within collaboration school-work life, as well as other programs that will make it easier for young people to find their own paths to work. We sell participation […]

Stockholm Food Movement

Through the support of Impact Hub Stockholm, we arrange a monthly event where we showcase a handful of activists and entrepreneurs making positive change within all things related to food. The events of Stockholm Food Movement strive to be different by creating event series that build on themselves, strengthen and bring together communities, empower the […]

Lauri Robbins Ericson

Lauri Robbins Ericson makes gender equity simple and safe to transform organizational culture so every individual feels connected, courageous and equal. Explore how to enhance leadership within your organization, conduct an inclusive gender audit, or support female executives looking for an advisor for increased employee satisfaction and retention, better decision making, increased brand credibility, greater […]

Uråsa Bönodling

Uråsa Bönodling uses new technology to grow fresh and locally produced crops in an environmentally friendly manner, seven days a week. In the past, a short season has meant that we in Sweden have had to rely on imported raw materials for most of the year. With energy-efficient lighting, adapted to the needs of the […]


WorkEm is a consulting and coaching company, offering a powerful approach to organisations by addressing how people and their work, resources, and technologies are interweaved, in order to untangle complexities and increase efficiency and achieve success for organisations. WorkEm wants to revolutionize the way we have been dealing with design, strategies, (digital) transformations, and project […]


We offer free and easy to use apps and digital tools to efficiently learn Swedish language. Språkkraft is a Swedish NGO that focuses at increasing the integration rate of immigrants, refugees and newly arrived people to Sweden through Swedish language learning. Through our three easy and fun to use apps and web app, we apply […]

Andrew Hennigan

Andrew Hennigan is a Lecturer, Speaker Coach and Writer, delivering lectures, workshops, training and one-to-one coaching about speaking, writing, networking, influencing, reputation, social media, digital marketing, culture & innovation. A business school lecturer, freelance journalist and ghost writer, he is also author of the book Payforward Networking. Are you looking for a compelling speaker for […]

Enkla Kassen

Enkla Kassen är en tjänst som gör det enkelt att äta klimatsmart Vi levererar klimatberäknade recept och växtbaserade råvaror till din dörr varannan vecka så att du slipper tänka ut vad du ska äta Snabblagade recept som tar 30 minuter och repeteras var sjätte leverans för ännu enklare matlagning. Byggd kring prisvärda näringsrika råvaror som […]

Human Rights and Science

Our mission is to offer a platform for Equal partnership collaboration between non-OECD and OECD country stakeholders, which ensures mutual trust, mutual benefit and sustainable economy. Our main activity is to be an appreciated partner with social entrepreneurs and developers in non-OECD countries with the purpose of facilitating the implementation of the partner’s ideas. We […]


You spend countless hours developing your company’s future course. Ortelius’s knowledge interaction platform allows you to focus on your most important business goals and link all your work and projects back to your mission, vision and values. By the time you hear about problems – from unmet sales goals to late product shipments – it’s […]


Avigna is a SAP Services, Software Solutions, and Technology Consulting company, which provides unique Technology solutions tailored to the needs and budgets of its clientele worldwide. Avigna believes in delivering its customers with solutions with a lower cost of ownership than competing enterprises in the same line of business. With our classic framework of well-balanced […]


Action 10 provides expertise, tools and resources to enable people facing extreme poverty to find a way out. That could be by starting a business, gaining skills or learning new ways to improve what they are already doing. We can help them build for the future. We are present in seven countries across West Africa […]


At PrimeCoach we do executive coaching. Our focus is on the meeting – the meeting between you and us, between people in the city and between generations. Since 1995, Kjell has been guiding leaders, one-on-one, in developing their professional communication, working from a foundation built on personal trust. He is also skilled in handling conflict […]

My Dream Now

Our vision is that all students should feel their value in society and find their own paths to jobs and dreams. We engage volunteers from working life and college who inspire students to see the opportunities in working life. My Dream Now offers a concrete program for inspiring collaboration between school and working life. Arbetsgivare […]

Working for Change

Working for change arbetar för kulturell mångfald i näringslivet. Vi är en stiftelse, en tankesmedja och Sveriges ledande konferens i ämnet. Det finns nämligen en självklar affärsnytta i mångfald. Vår uppgift är att hjälpa företag och organisationer att se och ta tillvara på den. Genom att göra det bidrar vi till ett välmående samhälle och […]


Sedan 2016 bubblar det i Bagarmossen, söder om Söder i Stockholm. Det var då som Ailin Lee och Fredrik Petterson bestämde sig för att börja sälja kombucha efter Ailins favoritrecept. Nu har verksameten vuxit till ett regelrätt mikrobryggeri, något som Ailin knappast hade förväntat sig 2007 när hon fick en kombuchakultur från en vän till […]

Hyper Island

We design learning experiences that help you grow. Hyper Island prepares individuals and organizations to anticipate and adapt to the changes of tomorrow, today. Through partnerships with companies all over the world, we help create dynamic and innovative cultures that accelerate long-term change. You can find us in London, São Paulo, Stockholm, Singapore, New York […]


Generate more leads, scale your relationships, and create predictable revenue. I help you solve growth problems and unlock the power of data and automation to turn your marketing team into a growth engine with strategies and platforms for marketing automation, CRM, lead generation, user acquisition, inbound marketing, and user engagement.

Malvern Panalytical

We create superior, customer-focused solutions and services which deliver tangible economic impact through chemical, physical and structural analysis of materials. Underpinned by extensive industry knowledge and technical and applications expertise, Malvern Panalytical instruments help users better understand a wide variety of materials, from proteins and polymers to metals and building materials. Our technologies are used […]


Welcome to Bidtruster – a new, smart service that makes the housing business transparent and secure for both buyers, sellers, and brokers by verifying and quality-assuring the bidding process in one app. It also collects all other information about the buying and selling process and presents it in an understandable way. Bidtruster simply connects banks and […]


Urban Beings specialises in urban design and strategic urban planning. We are inspired by the people who live, work, play and move around the city, so our work is very people oriented to make sure that our city is both beautiful and work well for those we are designing for.


Highest dedication to craftmanship in style We thrive on creating meaningful products for both humans and Mother Earth. Products that protect what we love and help us do what we love. They are made to match, mix-match and make your day more pleasant. Simply put: our mission is to make life feel like a forever weekend. Nothing […]

Erik Karlberg

Författare av boken E-handel för en digital nomad. Jag utvecklar ehandelslösningar, studerar och skriver. Här vädrar jag mitt intresse för tech, platsoberoende, journalistik och en bättre värld.   Avtryck i media LT – Erik från Mörkö ville rädda världen DN – Alla mot alla i vått krig SVT Nyheter – Finns människor i kommunen med […]


Advertising that drives results Data-driven digital marketing for nonprofits, social enterprises and bold companies set on high growth. A new agency – dedicated to your growth Prior to starting Cannolo we worked at leading digital agencies in Sweden, where we drove tens of millions of euros in revenues for successful companies in a variety of industries. […]


Prepublica assists people and organizations in becoming purpose-driven and making a social impact Moving past “greenwashing” and “purpose-driven marketing” to do real good just got easier. With us, you get to unleash your best work and set yourself in the direction of making a real difference. Understand the strengths and potential of your company, the […]

Saidac Communication

Saidac Communication is an adviser on brand, values, company culture and employee partnership. Companies recognize that the brand is valuable. Despite this, many feel that the brand is abstract.  A brand can only become clear to users and the outside world, if it is only clear to their own organization . But the brand is dependent on the […]

LadyLegend Media

LADYLEGEND MEDIA ÄR ETT MENTORSPROGRAM FÖR ENTREPRENÖRSKVINNOS SOM VILL DIGITALISERA SIN BUSINESS & BLI ETT STÖRRE NAMN ONLINE VISION Bill Gates vision var att en PC skulle finnas i varje hem. Min vision är att beröra 1 miljard människors liv med kvinnliga förebilder och företagsledare online som delar med sig av sitt företags kärnvärderingar och tjänster. ​ […]

3 Angle Tech

We design, build and scale your technology projects. We cover the full product spectrum: Prototype, Design & UX, Product Management, Dev & Test and DevOps. We have 5+ years in fintech, developing applications that manage real time transactions, interact with core banking systems and end users through internet and mobile banking platforms. We have developed […]


The Mission Why we’re here Verbling’s mission is to empower people all over the world to become fluent in a foreign language. While our core team is based in San Francisco, the teachers and students who make our mission possible are spread across six continents. The Platform How we do it Verbling is an online […]


VETERANPOOLEN – ERFAREN HJÄLP MED HEMSTÄD, TRÄDGÅRD OCH HANTVERK Veteranpoolen hjälper dig med hem, hantverk, trädgård och omsorg! Våra kunder är i alla åldrar. Men våra veteraner är trygga, erfarna och flexibla pensionärer som hjälper till löpande eller när du ringer efter oss. Vi har alla tjänster som gör din tillvaro lite enklare. Exempelvis hemstäd, hantverk, […]

Johan Lange

I det stora skifte vi alla befinner oss i – ekonomiskt, rx ekologiskt, cure etiskt – krävs det ÄNNU mer av våra ledare. Att stötta ledare, grupper och ledningar i detta är bland det bästa vi vet. Det nya landskapet som ledare leder krävs både en kursstabilitet och ett lyssnande sinnelag. Det kräver kommunikationskunskap på en helt ny nivå där […]

WGSN by Ascential

Founded in 1998 in London, WGSN disrupted the market with a pioneering online trend library. We were the first to combine high—end technology with human ingenuity to meet the unique needs of the global creative industry. Insights and inspiration from around the globe could now be accessed at the click of a mouse. With you, […]


Thingmap is a ​virtual assistant that helps distribute ​knowledge ‘invisibly’ across organizations using machine learning, natural language processing, and other machine intelligence solutions.

Suazo IT

Web Development Experts


Arkus consists of the Arkus Foundation and the Arkus Association. The purpose of the foundation is to promote practical research on architecture. This is done through the distribution of funding for research that is considered relevant for the architectural industry. The foundation is funded by member companies and authorities. The foundation is managed by a […]

Stockholm Social Innovation (SSI Lab)

Carl Eneroth founded Stockholm Social Innovation (SSI Lab) to help profit and non-profit organisations spread their message using films. Applying a unique storytelling method to documentary style filming, SSI Lab creates genuine short films with a heart. We highlight human, authentic voices and allow their transformational journey to show the essence of your core message. […]


Speakersnet is a speakers agency which exclusively represents a limited number of influential speakers with solid international reputations. We work with thought-leaders who want to make a difference and know how to deliver their ideas, stories and knowledge on stage. We call them ‘public intellectuals’*. Our role is to function as a direct link between […]

Sandwatch Studio

We are a Design Studio dedicated to the conceptualization, design and development of new technological, industrial and consumer products. Our work covers the entire design and product creation process. We conceptualize the idea, shape it, prototype and introduce it to the market. In addition, we accompany companies to develop their creative potential through design and […]


RealStars works for a better world free of trafficking. We work on a broad front to create debate and channel public opinion against sex trafficking. Our message is Fair Sex. This means that we think that sex should happen on equal terms, without coercion or violence, in all situations and for all people around the […]


Radicle är en utvecklingsbyrå som återfinns i gränslandet mellan management-konsultföretag och designbyrå. Vi stöttar ledare och organisationer i utmanande situationer, ofta förändringsprocesser, med hjälp av arbetsmodeller och metoder som grundar sig i design- och medskapandemetodik. På Radicle tror vi inte på magiska formler eller ett sätt att lösa problem på. Vi tror på att utgå […]


Enabling real change Mannaz erbjuder innovativt affärstänkande och tjänster inom organisations- och ledarskapsutveckling, talangutveckling och förändringsledning för att ge ledare och medarbetare denkraft och förmåga son krävs för att möta dagens och morgondagens utmaningar.

Nordic Brand

Nordic Brand is a knowledge and research company, co-owned by Stockholm University. Since its inception in 2004, we have helped a large number of organizations and individuals to strengthen competence, insights and strategies in the brand and reputation area. Several of the Nordic and the world’s strongest brands have used our services. Nordic Brand works […]


NGInvest invests in growth companies. Since the inception in 2007, NGInvest has invested in a handful carefully selected private growth companies, primarily within technology and entertainment. NGInvest scrutinizes your idea, helps building the right team, puts structures in place, secures financing and helps you to reach your goals. Always in a hands-on manner and with […]


Our starting point is always the human meeting. We believe in the power of real collaboration between individuals, groups and organizations. Meetings based on dialogue, participation and reflection. Cooperation based on respect and trust in each other. In order for a workplace to live up to these values, employees must be given time to meet […]


Scandinavian distributor for Code42, OneLogin and GFI


Hello, nice to meet you! We are Mokriya, a user-centric design and development company based in the Valley. Mokriya helps companies build technology that revolutionizes how customers use their products. Trusted by the world’s top businesses including AT&T, Twitter, Salesforce, Intel, Google, Verizon, L’Oreal, Western Digital, SanDisk, Star Alliance and many others.

Mentorprogrammet Stella

Since 2007, Stella has been conducting highly appreciated mentoring programs for over 250 girls. We know through accurate measurements that our business has shown good results in both the short and the long term. Stella has made a difference. The activities have been financed exclusively through voluntary contributions from companies, organizations and private individuals. In […]

Meet Swedish Startups

Why? The Swedish Startup scene is booming! Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs work on their startups day by day to find better, faster and smarter solutions. We believe that by sharing knowledge and experiences among each other, companies can grow faster and stronger together: many best practices can be adapted and replicated and many mistakes […]

Kispira Livscenter

Kispira Livscenter AB organizes courses & events in personal development and health. The company offers skills development for employees and managers and specializes in helping companies lower their sick leave costs and increase efficiency and sales. Whether your company is looking for a lecturer in leadership, a masseur or a world champion in karate, we […]


Vi på Kandidathuset är experter på att hitta rätt kandidater till företag som ska rekrytera chefer och specialister. Vi erbjuder en rad olika prisvärda rekryteringspaket för rekrytering av specialister och mer omfattande chefsrekryteringar. Vårt fokus är searchbaserad rekrytering med transparens för våra uppdragsgivare och med bibehållen integritet för våra kandidater. Gör som många andra företag […]


Jumpshot delivers digital intelligence from within the Internet’s most valuable walled gardens. In today’s digital ecosystem, more than 70% of online transactions are hidden behind walled gardens. Jumpshot provides key insights into user actions everywhere online, including Amazon, Google, Netflix, and Walmart. We help eCommerce companies and brands uncover where else customers are clicking and […]

Johannas Stadsodlingar

Fisk och grönsaker odlade nära dig Vi på Johannas Stadsodlingar odlar och säljer lokalt odlad fisk, grönsaker och örter. Vi jobbar med ett cirkulärt odlingssystem som kallas för akvaponi. Det gör att vi kan producera det som skall bli din mat, året om, oavsett om det är 30 grader varmt och torka eller 30 grader […]


Invesity is a digital platform for investors and entrepreneurs aimed at streamlining and simplifying the process of raising capital. We capture innovative and qualitative startup companies that seek funding to start or develop their company. With the help of simple capital advertising, the companies are made visible to our network of investors who can specify […]

Ib Ringby

Founder and owner of Ib Ringby AB who trains sales engineers and technicians in Swedish industry. Ib Ringby has been conducting education in sales for 11 years. Industrial Technical Sales has been Ib’s special area for 7 years. Ib Ringby has worked with sales for over 20 years and has been employed at Electrolux with […]

Hellsten Communication

Hellsten Communication raises ideas, visions and initiatives, by and large. We make sure that the message regardless of channel lands right and leads to action. We work strategically and conceptually, graphically and editorially with productions and campaigns in print and on the web. We don’t just think how and why, we make sure it’s done. […]


TechSilu is an international association which develops synergies between European and Chinese next-generation startups and investors; it operates at the highest institutional levels and on the investment markets promoting the development of the European startup ecosystem. Introducing a brand new Silk Road. Our Vision: creating value for a globalized startup ecosystem; establishing a new generation […]


We are a research and strategy consultancy that helps businesses maximize their value by understanding the WholeHuman® Experience – inside and outside the organization. We do this by integrating patterns thinking, insight and design. We provide thought partnership, and sprint alongside companies who keep up with the pace of change and create new realities, new […]


Creating a better future with drones We use drone photos as data to create a better future for our clients, people & the planet! 1 drone map = 1000 photos = 1 000 000 words  

Girls in Sport

Girls in Sport arbetar med praktiska verktyg och metoder för att öppna upp för en idrottskultur som är skapad av, med och för flickor och kvinnor. Vi vill inte bara prata om de förändringar som vi tycker behövs, vi vill skapa praktiska förutsättningar för dem. Vi skapar, implementerar och säkrar stöd för nya synsätt och […]

Gandini Forma

Behöver din berättelse bli tydligare? Estetisk och slagkraftig? Jag, Karin Gandini, och min designbyrå Gandini Forma kan lösa det. Jag har en bred kunskap och många styrkor, men kan också komplettera den med kunniga kollegor i mitt branschnätverk.   PRINT Min mångåriga yrkeserfarenhet har lärt mig värdet av en kreativ arbetsprocess med en bra dynamik […]


Digital Identity & Artificial Intelligence Used by 10 000 brands & influencers


The Salvation Army in Sweden is found in about 90 cities / municipalities with 196 operations. It is a parish service with worship services and group activities for all ages. The union / congregation also runs various forms of open social work in 49 of these activities. The union’s social work is aimed at different […]

[email protected]

[email protected] is inspired from a nearly 100 year-old concept in which you find lasting solutions to the problems of your unique lives yourselves; it’s a way to acquire the tools necessary to start making changes. Because what does an economically privileged family in a house have in common with a recently arrived immigrant family in […]


“Datadriven verksamhetsutveckling är vår passion.” Vi har hjälpt små och stora företag att nå sina mål sedan 2011. Vi känner väl till utmaningarna kring att göra sin strategi agerbar. Vi har sett styrkan i att kommunicera rätt information – i realtid. Vi är Enhanza – och vi ser fram emot att hjälpa er att nå […]

Elans Utbildning

Enjoy Learning And Never Stop (E.L.A.N.S.) tror på att kunskap är livsviktigt för vår existens och att det aldrig är för sent att lära sig något nytt, tillexempel ett nytt språk! Vi tror också på att man lär sig bättre något det är roligt och när ämnet intresserar oss. Vår pedagogik fokuserar därför på att […]


Effektiv startade egentligen på en fotbollsplan 2006. Efter en tio år lång proffskarriär i bland annat Premier League stod Mathias Svensson på gräsplanen och grät. Av lycka. Elfsborg hade vunnit sitt första SM-guld på 45 år. Åtta mil västerut hade Håkan Mild avslutat sin proffskarriär och blivit sportchef i IFK Göteborg. Ett år senare var […]


We give companies the opportunity to pay and get satisfied repeat customers – no matter where the deal takes place. For you as a consumer, we can offer good buying experiences, increased flexibility and better control of your everyday economy. Ecster collaborates with thousands of sales companies across Sweden and offers payment solutions for all […]

East Invest

History Founded in 2015, East Invest LTD is at a cross-roads between the rest of the world and China. Its fairly transparent political system and location, makes it a gateway for companies from all over the world in entering the mainland Chinese markets. Hong Kong is considered to be one of the freest economies in […]


We develop tailor-made solutions to challenging problems for our clients. As a competent service provider, GIZ supports the German Government in achieving its objectives.


Här möts framtid, nutid och dåtid. På området Innovatum kan du uppleva en mängd olika besöksmål, driva din verksamhet och träffa både lika- och oliksinnade människor. På området finns förutom Innovatums science center också forskningscentrum, Saab Car Museum, musik- och kulturhus, gymnasieskola, vårdcentral, evenemangsarena, träningsanläggning, frisör, restaurang och bageri. Bland mycket annat. Fler än 1400 […]

Colonia Communication

Colonia Communication is a marketing and communications agency specialized in B2B and Public Affairs. We are based in Stockholm, Sweden, working mainly with local clients but also international assignments upon request. With expertise in strategic communication , message analysis, analysis of drivers on the market and macro trends, copywriting, PR and content marketing, we create […]

Cambodia-Korea Cooperation Center

Vision: Cambodia-Korea Cooperation Center is a leading energetic and resourceful institution in Cambodia that contributes excellence standard in human resources training, Cambodia-Korea mutual exchange, and venue for meeting and events profession.   Mission: 1. Developing high quality human resource development programs; 2. Integrating Korean innovation experience in ICT industry; 3. Improving visibility of Korean Culture […]


Find & compare housing in Sweden

Atelier du Futur

The Atelier du Futur wants to inspire young people between the ages of 13 and 15 to take their future into their own hands. During a week of summer holidays, you will be dealing with current topics such as digitization, climate change and your consumption. In a creative way you will be shown how varied […]

Advance Sweden

Advance was founded in 2011 by Anna Maria Lindell. Anna Maria has many years of experience from the skills development industry in roles as educators, career advisers and business developers. During 2009-2010, she trained at the world-leading ADD Coach Academy, New York, as a professional coach with specialist training in ADHD coaching tools and strategies […]


Graphic design // Branding // Strategic communication

ALDC Partnership

We are leaders in the areas of sustainable business strategy, digital financial services, social impact innovation, cutting edge technology and infrastructure transformation. We boost real value and accelerate growth and transitions for small, mid-sized and large companies, banks and institutions, private and public. We use powerful tools to accelerate the world’s attempt to rebuild trust, […]

Akka Venture

Founded in 2006 in Paris, Akka Venture is a Private Equity advisory firm which specializes in providing strategic and financial advice to European growth companies and their investors. Akka Venture is a new breed of corporate finance boutique with a fully-fledged offer of services for entrepreneurs and the private equity industry, a native cross border […]


Afema grundades 1984 av Eric Martin. Bolaget har ända sedan start arbetat med strategiutveckling, riskkapitalfrågor och extern kommunikation för mindre företag. Strategiutveckling Företrädesvis från en styrelseposition har Afemas medarbetare deltagit i att utveckla ett stort antal företag genom årens lopp. Företagen har i första hand varit entreprenörsföretag i tillväxt. Riskkapitalfrågor Med mer än 20 års […]

ADS Insight

EU-MONITORING AND REPORTING We monitor and report daily on relevant developments at the European level for your organisation.   EU TRAINING SEMINARS We offer tailor-made presentations and training sessions on the EU policy decision-making processes, on current developments and information relevant to your organisation.   EU FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES AND APPLICATIONS We offer our expertise in […]

ACCESS Health Sweden

Aging well is a global priority. Sweden, like many other countries, confronts significant challenges due to population aging. Estimates suggest that nearly a quarter of the population of Sweden will be sixty-five years or older by 2050. Longer life expectancies and steady retirement ages are boosting the support ratio, creating a need for new ways […]


4ct is an innovative platform for planning projects in cities and settlements of all sizes. Using an open and flexible system incolving cooperation between independent experts, we offer an integrated solution for your project. Tailored multi-disciplinary teams are effective in flexibly responding to the everyday challenges that cities ae currently facing. Do you need analyses, […]

Digital Guidance

With creative thinking & intuitive technology, we can give our customers a better experience. Our approach is always professional, with a personal commitment to your particular business. The result will be more visitors with the right fit for your business, so you can grow. We offer you a smart platform, where you can decide to […]

Legend Labs

Legend Labs is a brand and innovation consulting firm. We help organizations and individuals create, live, and protect their Legends. We build brands and defend them. We make big dreams a reality through expert strategy, creativity, and technology. And we bring industry-leading innovation and experience in reputation and crisis management. We are a team of […]

Planet Finance

planetFINANCE is a premier Educational Institution situated in Hyderabad, Secunderabad and Bangalore. Our Vision is to bridge the gap between the Industry and Academia and to make each and every student employable. We train Graduates & Post Graduates as well as Working Professionals in the areas of Securities Markets, Investment Banking and Data Analytics through […]

Perpetum Energy

Our vision is to guide every industrial consumer towards 100% green energy and at a lower cost. To make the transition to a carbon free world even easier, we propose ‘Energy as a Service’. Hereby PerPetum integrates sustainable technologies within the consumer. We provide solid guarantees whilst the industrial consumer is unburdened and can liberate […]

Pathos Performance

Titles, training and certificates are a way of manifesting leadership. Being present in dialogue, being authentic, creating trust is another way. It belongs to another paradigm, namely how we are with each other. This is our starting point when we talk about leadership. We collaborate with organizations, companies, universities, colleges and individuals who train and […]

Portabla Media

Portabla Media is a strategic web agency in Stockholm. We work to achieve your goals with websites, apps and social media. The core business of Portabla Media is digital strategy, the work that looks to the entire chain in “being on the Internet”. Sometimes this is called web strategy or web management – the main […]


På Protus utforskar vi livets stora frågor utan färdiga svar och universella sanningar. Våra läger är en spännande, varm och glädjefylld helhetsupplevelse där diskussioner, gruppövningar och lekar varvas med friluftsaktiviteter såsom bad, paddling och båtutflykter. Video om Protus sommarläger. Under våra läger byggs en fantastisk känsla av acceptans, glädje och samhörighet. Att vara toleranta, närvarande […]

Tagsom Edutainment

Read, watch and listen with Tagsom Edutainment. We have twelve unique and captivating kids stories that will take you on exciting journeys that bring to life the fun of reading and learning. The bright ideas for the 12 Tagsom Stories were inspired by conversations with young children. All the stories were created to provide a […]

The Good Talents

The Good Talents idenitifierar, stärker och lyfter unga talanger vars kapacitet och resurser ännu inte har synliggjorts. Vi driver ledarskaps- och samhällsentreprenörsprogram i områden där det finns en enorm outnyttjad potential – samtidigt som arbetslösheten är hög. Deltagarna skapar egna projekt- och affärsidéer som löser lokala utmaningar. De unga som genomgår The Good Talents blir […]


SFS is an association of student unions at Sweden’s universities and colleges. Today, SFS has around fifty members, which together gather around a quarter of a million students. SFS’s task is to represent the members ‘interests and to monitor and disseminate information on educational, research and study social issues related to the students’ situation at […]


SMALL, RELIABLE DATA LOGGERS FOR LIFE AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE We make small, high performing data loggers for animals and aquatic environments, ranging from short and long term animal research, to oceanographic and quality control studies. Submersible and implantable temperature loggers measuring: temperature, depth (pressure), salinity (conductivity), tilt, activity, heart rate, light and magnetic field strength. […]

Stairway PR

David Bowie, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Jan Guillou, Die Groene, the nuclear debate, from Hyland’s corner and two TV channels for multimedia and advertising. Some references for those who today become pensioners. But there are big differences in values, finances, demographics and experiences between them. The changing demographics are driving new needs, new development and new […]


Our most important goal is to design games that contribute to the shaping of children’s minds and prepare them for the uncertain world of the future. We gather the games that we developed by using cognitive theories under the categories we create according to the skills of our five unique gender-free characters. The Cognitive Theories […]


Varumärkesombudet AB är en affärsjuridisk byrå specialiserad på varumärkesskydd, mönster och domännamn.   Vi har lång erfarenhet av att arbeta med varumärken, från patentbyrå, advokatbyrå samt industrin och har hittat vårt eget sätt att erbjuda personliga och professionella tjänster. Det bästa med vårt sätt att arbeta är att våra kunder gillar det vi gör! Så […]

Motivated Learning for Everyone

NGO “Motivated Learning for Everyone” is an association working in the field of education and training of European dimension.   Its main objectives are: Building useful partnerships of international cooperation and transfer of experience and good practices; Developing skills to work in an international team and foreign language communication skills; Formation of European and democratic […]

Plastic Bank

Plastic Bank is an economic development firm that empowers disenfranchised communities to exchange any type of plastic for currency. Plastic Bank builds and activates recycling infrastructure in the world’s poorest regions. Residents are invited to earn a stable income stream by exchanging plastic material. Ocean-bound plastic is collected and returned for cash, digital currency, healthcare […]

Save Mondays

The world is more beautiful without plastic. The revolution has started! The plastic is finally on the way out. You no longer have to take a plastic bag to bring milk home from the store. Meet Save Mondays Cloth Bag. A cloth bag you take with you to the store, not just from there. Say […]


Annata works closely with Microsoft on bringing modern business applications to the Automotive and Equipment industry to help organizations meet current business challenges and take advantage of new opportunities in the market. Can your system support a low-risk, rapid go-live to support new business models your customers are asking for? Do you have insight into […]


Biovision was founded in 1998 by Swiss World Food Prize recipient Dr. Hans Rudolf Herren, with the aim of sustainably improving life for people in Africa while conserving the environment as the basis for all life. In the 1980s, the world renowned entomologist Hans Rudolf Herren saved millions of people in Africa from starving to […]


IntegraNet is a non-profit organization, started in 2016, which deals with media activities and aims to introduce Swedish culture, customs, laws and traditions to new arrivals and asylum seekers in a media-based way, and also to accelerate the Swedish language.   IntegraNet focuses on a number of issues, of which: Assist with support for the […]


We show entrepreneurs how accelerate to the next level. We help corporate leaders implement the startup mindset to grow fast again. And by bringing entrepreneurs and executives together, we supercharge innovation for both. Desifer works with innovation in two ways: innovation advisory teams for established firms and a pre-seed accelerator for startups. We team up […]


Thinkful provides the best return on education. Too often Americans’ careers are dictated by where we’re born not ambition and grit. Thinkful is creating wealth beyond where it’s already concentrated and for those whose talent is too often overlooked, across the US. We don’t offer “degrees”. We get you a job. In the rare case […]


FunnelBud gives you everything you need for inbound marketing with SharpSpring – an all-in-one marketing and CRM system. It has everything you need to capture leads, communicate and manage business in a simple cloud solution.


Sell more with the next generation of personalized e-commerce. Quickly and easily add real-time personalized search, recommendations & collections to your online store. It’s the smartest solution out there. And we mean it, it’s genius. With Findify’s ethical machine learning algorithms, your Search & Recommendations are continuously improving based on your unique customer behavior. Products […]

Institute of Innovative Governance

The Institute of Innovative Governance is an independent, non-partisan non-governmental organization which aims to promote innovation through the interaction with various governmental and civil society actors and conduct high-quality policy research. Human rights-based approach and innovation are our guiding values and principles in the process of research and the implementation of projects. We truly believe […]

Waterhound International

Waterhound is the next generation cloud-based tool, which uniquely combines real time data collection, monitoring and analytics with predictive modelling to optimise wastewater treatment systems and environmental compliance.

Street Business

Together with participants, Street Business will develop new business ideas that will give homeless people who also have disabilities, strengthened self-confidence and the opportunity for self-sufficiency. With the start of a social cooperative where the members are both involved and co-owners, the project should contribute to meaningfulness and respect for people who today live in […]

The Young Republic

The Young Republic is an award-winning youth organization, working to empower young refugees to foster their democratic participation, civic engagement and social inclusion in their new communities in Europe. The Young Republic is registered in Sweden as a non- governmental organization since January 2015 and carried its activities in Sweden and 7 other European countries, […]


People, companies, NGOs, and governments across the world share their imagery. Using computer vision, Mapillary combines everything into a connected street-level view and automatically extracts map features. Mapillary helps create better maps for smarter cities, geospatial services, and automotive.

Utmost Self

Through Utmost Self, Samantha Snowden offers evidence-based, solution-oriented and compassionate approaches to mindful living and thriving. She has worked with some of the most prestigious and effective youth-empowerment programs including the EduCare Foundation, Insight Seminars, the Canadian Association of International Programs, UCLA MARC, the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute, St. Luke’s Medical Center in New York City […]

Amanda Warner

Amanda Warner creates games and learning focused on real-world impact. The company serves ventures working at the intersection of great design and positive impact. Games are created where key skills and core messages are tied to game goals and mechanics, resulting in challenging and meaningful fun.


Handiscover gathers great hosts, disabled friendly accommodations and hotels that we select carefully for their quality and value. We offer a mix of accommodations adapted to different levels of mobility. Enjoy great disabled holidays!


Vill du jobba med kostrådgivning och göra förändring hos klienter som varar livet ut? Intresset för kost och hälsa ökar i samhället och det finns en hel del information ute som kan vara överväldigande. Din uppgift som kostrådgivare kommer vara att guida och coacha dina klienter till att ta de beslut som krävs för en […] is a free service that simplifies collaborative orders. By merging small orders into one, larger order, we can reduce the cost of logistics together. But we also allow users to take one step closer to saving our threatened planet. If everyone in Sweden pooled their shopping with 9 friends just once – we could […]


Gain a long term competitive advantage, attract new business, build customer loyalty and keep your customers a lot longer with our bank branded accounting platform (BBAP). With CashDirector, you get an intelligent add-on to your existing online banking business with real-time accounting data, cashflow forecasting and long-term competitive advantage.

The Books

The Books is your company’s easiest and quickest solution for the head-start it needs. As part of our duties, we offer Company Registration including government contact, bank account, administrating necessary documentation. Also we can help you with putting together a Business Plan and Budget. It’s not always the easiest thing to know the language of […]


Fitnessbutter är ett jordnötssmör med extra mycket protein för dig som tränar eller vill äta ett silkeslent gott jordnötssmör med gott samvete. Den innehåller naturligt en mängd vitaminer, mineraler, fibrer, bra fetter och en massa protein. Fitnessbutter har tagit det ett steg längre. Nu kan du få i dig extra mycket protein medan du njuter […]

Svensk Medarbetarkraft

Svensk Medarbetarkraft has developed a model based on psychological research to continually improve workplaces and organizations through developing leadership and greater employee engagement.


Create a place to talk Where your users can find answers and suggest ideas. And also, friendly discussions and chat. Place it at You can install Talkyard on your own server. One installation can host many communities. Automatic software updates.

Sustain in Time

We are a leading partner for organizations ready to address humanity’s grand challenges to build a thriving future for all. We are part of the world’s oldest sustainability advisory. We have guided hundreds of global organisations and communities on their transformative journey. In a rapidly changing world success depends upon how well you can adapt. […]

Accountability International

Accountability International’s vision is a world where there is accountability for the lives, human rights and wellbeing of all persons, across all spheres of society. Accountability International is an African-led civil society organisation that works to improve accountability to the most marginalised. From our head office in South Africa, we conduct research and advocacy that […]


Orbieye is a network company, specialized within the OTC segment. We connect the best companies on a global level. The core of the business is to be the link between product owners and distributors world wide. (remove one space) Orbieye support product owners to find the right partners on new markets and support distributors to […]

All For Eco

All For Eco is a non-profit company, community, app & site that makes the Eco path easier and more fun. Small changes made by many, is a big change.

Simply Events

Simply Events is a Saas for event management that enables people to connect during events. By creating technology to provide users with optimal resources to ensure a smooth event. We also assist companies by providing them with directly targeted marketing opportunities.


250 million children globally leave primary school without the skills to read, write or do basic math. 50 million children never go to school at all. Our approach is to make educational content accessible to the children who need it, through engaging expert partners and a global community.

Sweden-India Business Council

The Sweden-India Business Council (SIBC) is the first choice network for growing business between Sweden and India. Established in May 2003, SIBC now grows rapidly every year adding small, medium and large companies as members. SIBC arranges focused meetings, roundtables and more with high value in terms of knowledge and time. As a result of […]

Reform Travel

Reform Travel sheds light on sustainable tourism. We believe in tourism’s power of doing good and want to inspire people to travel in a sustainable way, with care of our planet and it’s people. Tourism is the fastest growing industry and employs 1 out 11 people around the world. According to the forecast travel will […]

Amref Flying Doctors

For nearly sixty years, the headquarters in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, has become the hub for the African Medical and Research Foundation – Amref Flying Doctors – providing comprehensive and vital relief efforts. Among the approximately 600 people working with Amref Flying Doctors are doctors, nurses, pilots, educators and healthcare professionals. About 98% of the staff […]


Diretto is a platform for direct employment between individuals (P2P employment) through HR automation. Anna, the founder of Diretto, has employed people from different countries to help the family with cooking. It created an opportunity to get to know new people and taste new exciting dishes. It also created a job opportunity for someone who […]

Founder Institute Stockholm

The Founder Institute is the world’s premier idea-stage accelerator and startup launch program. If you are up to the challenge, our comprehensive step-by-step curriculum will give you the structure, mentor support, and global network you need to start an enduring company. 

Easy Urban Gardening

Grow your own vegetables at home without the need for soil or the hassle of having to water plants yourself. The Gaia Grow System™ is a self-watering automatic vertical hydroponic kit.


We are a management consultancy applying behavioral insights to create business and societal impact. We use our expertise in behavioral economics and social psychology to design evidence-based solutions to critical challenges. We leverage scientific methods to identify interventions that will have long lasting, measurable effects. We help our clients close the “last-mile” gap between well-intended […]

Jak Medlemsbank

JAK är en medlemsägd bank, schysst mot människor och miljö – en annorlunda bank helt enkelt! Vi är ett alternativ för dig som vill se en hållbar ekonomisk utveckling, grundad på en räntefri inlåning och ett ägande utan vinstutdelning. I JAK har alla medlemmar samma förmåner och villkor. Oavsett om du har 1 miljon eller […]

Hotel With

Hotel With Urban Deli is a super modern hotel below ground level, (without windows). The hotel has 106 designed and quiet rooms. Our rooms are equipped with fine beds, state of the art air system, powerful sound- and media system, all with the possibility to sleep without disturbing sunlight! Hotel With is located downstairs from […]


Kidnovation creates fun tools that give kids the building blocks to better wellbeing.  Did you know that 1 in 8 kids experience mental health conditions such as anxiety, stress or depression, that will affect their wellbeing and future prospects? In Sweden, poor mental health costs society 5% of the country’s GDP. And it starts early. […]

Coompanion Stockholmsregionen

Coompanion Stockholm is a recognized player in entrepreneurship and innovation support system in Stockholm. They offer free business advice to entrepreneurs who want to start a business together, ideally with focus on sustainability, social entrepreneurship, and cooperation. Coompanion Stockholm advises around 500 entrepreneurs / startups a year and informs another 5000 or more. They also […]

Food for Progress

Food for Progress is driving a new food logic. We work hands on with climate, health and food security. Co-creation is our core value and global impact our goal. Our Brands: Oumph! and Beat.

African Tours & Safaris

Gemensamt för oss som äger och driver och lever med African Tours & Safaris är vår passion och vårt intresse för Afrika. Några av oss har bott i Sydafrika och vi har alla rest, upptäckt och upplevt Afrika intensivt under de senaste 15 åren. Idag får vi våra “kickar” lika mycket av att höra nöjda […]

Sand & Castle

Sand & Castle is a creative agency that works exclusively with a network of external specialists. All our work is independent and in co-creation with our clients. We offer the following services: strategy and consulting, content and concepts, and production and activation.

Impact Invest Scandinavia

Founded in 2012, Impact Invest Scandinavia is the first impact investor membership network in Scandinavia. Our mission to promote the growth of social and sustainable enterprises in Scandinavia and around the world by supporting investments in companies that deliver measurable social as well as financial returns. We offer a community of practice to facilitate and […]

Synbiotic Kitchen

We know that the food we eat feed us. It also feeds our health and our diseases – and a great deal of that is because of the impact different foods have on our gut microbiome (the collection of microorganisms that we host inside our gut). With the Synbiotic Kitchen, we want to provide knowledge […]


Digital ecosystem for reuse of existing products off2off implements, operates and develops digital ecosystems for reuse of functional surpluses* based on organizations’ own operations. The platform is developed and provides a cloud-based communications service specifically designed for structured reuse*, which visualizes and matches user needs and functional surplus* with each other and peripheral services. The […]

Mossy Earth

Mossy Earth is a social enterprise whose main aim is, by restoring ecosystems, to deliver real environmental change and make a positive impact on the state of the planet’s wilderness. Our love for nature compelled us to build this platform where you can interact with conservation in a whole new way. We help businesses and […]

Ashoka Scandinavia

The world is defined by change and requires a new mindset. Ashoka envisions a world in which everyone is a changemaker: a world where all citizens are powerful and contribute to change in positive ways. Ashoka identifies and supports the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, learns from the patterns in their innovations, and mobilizes a global […]

Raoul Wallenberg Differencemakers

Raoul Wallenberg Differencemakers is a non-profit association open to anyone under the age of 35 who wants to work in the Raoul Wallenberg spirit. In addition, it serves as an alumni association for those who have completed the Raoul Wallenberg Academy leadership training.

Mer organdonation

MOD arbetar för att alla i behov av en transplantation skall få det i tid och att ingen skall behöva dö i väntan på organ. MOD – Mer organdonation är en ideell förening som arbetar för att minska donationsköerna och för att fler AKTIVT säger JA till organdonation. Ambitionen är att starta en rörelse kring […]

ResQ Club

Every month, people like you use ResQ to save tens of thousands of meals from ending up in the trash bin. With a 97% satisfaction rate on all orders, saving the world has never tasted this good! For consumers, using ResQ means discovering new restaurants at a 50% discount and creating a more sustainable environment […]


On-Board Courier quote in one minute. Fastest Offer Best offer in less than a minute. Fastest transport on the next available flight. Best Price Hundreds of flight connections scanned in seconds to get the most favorable price. Global Network More than 12,000 airmates located on 6 continents in more than 50 countries. Reliability Experienced and […]


Jobbentréns mål är att hjälpa företag till lyckade anställningar. Så här går det till: – Vi hittar nyanlända talanger: För att hitta talanger som är rätt för just ert företag arbetar Jobbentrén uppsökande. Vi intervjuar löpande talanger på boenden och skolor för nyanlända i hela Stockholm – Vi ser till att anställningen fungerar: Efter lyckad […]

Fair Photo Agency

We are an online agency connecting responsible companies that practice sustainability with international photographers. Our ambition is to aid sustainable companies to obtain bigger market shares through impactful imagery. If your products or services are in line with our mission, we can provide you with proposals from various suitable photographers for your project. If you […]


In Europe, we have more than 15 million cars. Did you know that an average car is left unused for 23 hours a day? A total waste, isn’t it? SnappCar brings car owners and those once who are looking for a car together.

Global Business Labs

Global Business Labs (GBL) is a non-profit organization specializing in the early stages of business development, accelerating growth and decreasing risk in start-ups. It is based on a model that has been researched and empirically proven in Sweden for the last twelve years. So far GBL has established its model of venture acceleration in Namibia, […]


Lindhea is a strategy consultancy firm based in Uppsala that specializes in science-based startups. We work with researchers and inventors to develop their innovations into viable and successful business.


GIVEWATTS provides access to clean energy household solutions in off-grid areas. GIVEWATTS process has been developed into a process where the initial funding starts the distribution wheel. Our aim is to keep a balance between business efficiency and impact. In some projects, the wheel continues rolling without additional funds, in other projects we close down […]


In the game everything is possible! At Retoy we use the magic power of the game and create meeting places where children can experience how fun it is to be environmentally friendly and learn more about their rights based on the UN Children’s Convention. Vision: A loving world where adults and children live in harmony […]


Naturkartan is your guide to nature. Here you will find trails in Norrköping, nature reserves in Jämtlands län, bathing in Tyresta, exercise trails in Motala and a lot of other exciting and beautiful places to visit.

Squid London

Squid is an award winning British colour changing rainwear brand for adults and children. All our products magically change colour in the rain! Founded in 2008, the idea and inspiration was colourful interaction with the rain, inspired by the artist Jackson Pollock and his incredible colour explosions. During our time at the London College of […]


We are a team of supercreators, superdesigners, supermodellers and superprogrammers in love with technology and virtual worlds. We are in constant exploration of new incredible ways of story-telling. We specialise in creating virtual worlds and experiences which impact peoples’ senses, making the impossible a reality.

Leksell Social Ventures

Leksell Social Ventures is an investment company supporting social enterprises and social innovation for a better Sweden. Leksell Social Ventures is an initiative by the Leksell family. Today the operation is supported by Laurent, Caroline and Richard as well as Jonas Ahlén, our CEO and advisors affiliated LSV such as previous CEO, Henrik Storm Dyrssen. […]

Startup Guide Stockholm

Startup Guide is a publishing and media company that produces guidebooks and online content to help entrepreneurs navigate and connect with different startup scenes across the world. As the world of work changes, its mission is to guide, empower and inspire people to start their own business anywhere. Founded by Sissel Hansen in 2014, Startup […]

The Good Tribe

Do you want to share your knowledge and need a format to reach out? Or do you want us share our knowledge in one of the following fields: sustainable development, social entrepreneurship and innovation, circular economy, zero waste and up-cycling, developing an impact driven business and pitching? We’re happy to help you find the right […]


We help you find the right one of thousands of offices for free. Easily compare hundreds of options and find the ones that best suit you. Contact the host directly and suggest a day for viewing – feedback takes place the same day. Sign a nice deal, we have standard contracts for your security.


Sustainergies create opportunities for students to work with sustainability in practice. In this way, we contribute to strengthening the competence on sustainability among students at Swedish universities and colleges. We conduct competitions, mediate student assignments and internships, lead workshops and design projects in close collaboration with the academy as well as companies and organizations in […]

British Council Sweden

We connect people with learning opportunities and creative ideas from the UK. Whether you want to learn or teach English, take an exam, study in the UK or find out about our forthcoming events, this is the place to start. British Council Sweden is the United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. […]

SE Forum

SE Forum contributes to a more just and sustainable world by unleashing the potential of entrepreneurship to address society ́s most pressing problems. We promote, inspire and empower entrepreneurs to start and scale businesses that address global challenges in Sweden and beyond. SE Forum is a non-profit membership organisation based in Sweden that advocates responsible […]

Help to Help

Traditional aid is based on the concept that if someone is ill, a doctor will be sent. If a doctor is sent to work for a few months, that person will be able to treat a few hundred people. However, a local doctor can treat thousands during his or her professional life. Our research shows […]

Reach for Change

Reach for Change är en svensk ideell organisation som hjälper sociala entreprenörer att utveckla innovationer som skapar en bättre värld för barn. Organisationen bildades 2009, och finns idag i 18 länder på tre kontinenter. Vi stöder över 100 sociala entreprenörer runtom i världen genom ett inkubatorprogram. Entreprenörernas innovationer bidrar i sin tur till att skapa […]

Time Village

Share your skills and get help from your neighbours – Welcome to the Time Village community! Time Village was born in Stockholm in 2013 and been growing and evolving since then. You will now find Time Villagers scattered around the world, but we are still caring for our Stockholm community first.


Hjälp en eller flera personer att planera sin dag! DayCape är en interaktiv bildkalender där du som förälder, lärare och vän kan hjälpa en eller flera personer att planera sin dag. Med DayCape i din mobil eller surfplatta är det enkelt att överblicka vad som händer under dagen. När du som förälder, vän eller lärare […]


The best restaurants across the world use GXM to handle reservations and guest relationships. Managing every interaction with your guest is not easy. Superb offers one platform with everything you need to provide a personal guest experience, control every interaction and grow your business.


Heycom är en oberoende telekområdgivare som hjälper företag och organisationer att fatta smarta och strategiska beslut inom kommunikation.

Akasha Agency

Akasha Agency is a consultancy practice founded by Juri Wawra with a focus on aligning developed world company resources and capabilities with opportunities in emerging markets in Asia and Africa that are capable of creating significant social, economic and environmental impact. Juri has been specialising on market entry strategies for young enterprises in Europe, Asia […]

Big Mouse Small Elephant

Big mouse small elephant is a perception changing company focusing on people at work. Well-being and involvement at work increases initiative, creativity, personal development and influences positively on team-spirit and organizational performance. These in turn result in higher competitiveness, employee satisfaction, life satisfaction and happiness. We make small changes happen. We build Self-learning organizations including: […]


Att komma till ett nytt och främmande land är att mötas av nya traditioner, ett nytt språk, ny mat, nytt klimat och en annorlunda kultur. Spelet Fun2Know Sverige berättar om Sverige på ett roligt och enkelt sätt. Vi använder bilder så att spelet är lätt att ta till sig för alla från barn till vuxna. […]


Det är lätt att känna att världen är på väg åt fel håll. Dagliga rapporter om orättvisor, terrorism, flyktingar, psykisk ohälsa, problem i välfärden och klimathot gör att många idag upplever oro eller har tappat hoppet om framtiden. Samtidigt lever de flesta av oss i ett fritt, rikt och demokratiskt samhälle med fler möjligheter än […]

Biotisk Energier Sweden

Biotisk Energier Sweden AB is a global bio-energy base materials Broker. We connect European buyers to our International Supplier Network. We assist companies facing challenges finding reliable suppliers and implementing safe procedures and method of payments.


Celpax is a for-profit social venture that generates a better quality of life for workplaces worldwide. Companies have a responsibility to create good workplaces, and right now, global employee engagement numbers show that we, as a society, are failing in that responsibility. Being a for-profit company is strategic for us. When you have a social […]


Mapflat offers technical design of data-intensive products, data architecture and implementation of data features, such as recommendation systems and business insight systems. Designs small and lean systems for quickly extracting value from data, or scalable systems that handle large volumes of incoming data that drive the work of dozens of developers and data scientists.


Rizoden is a Dutch design company that helps startups innovate and grow – working from a human-centered approach in which design thinking and imagineering are key elements. We design unique and actionable business strategies aimed at creating impact. We visualize the patterns by which an organization creates, delivers and maintains value. We identify new value […]

Synk Arkitektur

Synk Arkitektur är arkitektkontor som vill bygga ett bättre samhälle med hjälp av innovativ arkitektur. Vi är en del av Impact Hub, ett internationellt nätverk av sociala entreprenörer som vi har ett flertal samarbetsprojekt med. Vi är mest engagerade i stadsutveckling, bostadsutveckling och kontorsombyggnader men har även tagit fram ett eget online-verktyg för medborgardialoger (Medborgarkartan) […]