Impact Hub Stockholm named Stockholm’s best coworking space for second year
31 July 2019 - Jesper Kjellerås

This week, it was announced that Impact Hub Stockholm has been named Stockholm’s best coworking space in 2019 for the second year in a row by the Coworker Members’ Choice Awards. The awards are the only global coworking industry awards based on feedback from thousands of coworking space members and coworkers around the globe. This year, we are thrilled to be recognized amongst the top coworking spaces from the network of over 11,500 contenders as being the best space in our city.

Given the new nomination, voting, and ranking processes implemented in the selection of top coworking spaces this year, we’re very proud to have been ranked at the top for the second year in a row ahead of 43 other listings in Stockholm. Impact Hubs in Honolulu (USA), Oakland (USA), Zagreb (Croatia), Ruhr (Germany), Bergen (Norway) and Geneva (Switzerland) were also voted the best in their cities.

Anyone who has visited our space since 2017 will know that we have a huge focus on sustainability and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. It is this focus on creating positive impact through business that we believe sets us apart. And although it can be a painful process, we encourage our members to complete our global member survey every Spring which gives us important data to work with to ensure that our systems and approach are continuously improving. This year, we have also announced two important collaborations with Invest Stockholm and Sunbyberg Kommun to drive our impact into two very different areas, including the development of a new entrepreneurial program with Impact Investor Steven Luna, to change the power structure between founders and investors.

The competition has grown immensely as the coworking market has matured and while we may not have the biggest or flashiest coworking space in Stockholm, what we hear from our members and visitors is that Impact Hub Stockholm is authentic. We don’t consider ourselves to be perfect by any means, but we do our best to uphold and live by the values we espouse. We welcome people from diverse backgrounds at our 100+ hubs around the world. We believe in the power of collaboration – that by supporting one another, we can amplify the impact of our efforts and reach farther afield through our shared local and global networks.

For over ten years, our hub has provided a dynamic space for social entrepreneurs, innovators and changemakers to come together. Last year our very first global impact report was published, showing our collective global impact reached over 40 million people. I do hope that the importance of having a positive impact will continue to grow and pervade all levels of business and society. It was only three years ago that an entrepreneurial thought leader stood up on stage right here in Stockholm and admitted to thinking that social entrepreneurs are fake entrepreneurs. Until social entrepreneurs are known simply as entrepreneurs, we still have a way to go.



Cathy Xiao Chen is the Head of Operations at Impact Hub Stockholm. With a passion for supporting social impact, she advises and connects changemakers with collaborators to maximize impact.