Your team at Impact Hub has been working night and day to find a new home in order to begin a new era of impact-making. It has been over 10 years since we knocked down the first walls at Riddargatan 17D and set the basis for what has grown into Impact Hub Stockholm. It is now time to “move on”! While preparing for a better future for our community in the long-term, we are excited to announce that we have secured a space for all of our members at Norrsken House for the immediate future.

  • Your contract with us will end on 31 December 2016. Those that are interested in moving to Norrsken House will need to sign a contract with Norrsken Foundation. Please return your keys and collect your personal belongings from Impact Hub Stockholm before the Christmas break.
  • Norrsken House will be launched mid-January 2017. Impact Hub Stockholm members will be offered seats for 12 months, which can be extended depending on the need & desire. Once we find a new home for Impact Hub, in collaboration with our friends at Norrsken, we will invite you to join us again. Those that feel happy at Norrsken are welcome to stay. Those that miss the Impact Hub vibe can follow us.
  • Membership at Norrsken House costs 5,000 SEK (ex VAT) for regular members and 2,500 SEK (ex VAT) for approved members. The price includes meeting rooms and printing services.
  • If your work involves measurable social impact, you may be eligible for discounted membership. Each member of Impact Hub Stockholm has been evaluated case-by-case. Please contact Funda, Jesper or Van to find out if you are eligible for a discount.
  • Impact Hub Stockholm will not get a cut of your membership with Norrsken House. We invite you to move with us because we believe that it will be an exciting place to be and we would love to keep our community intact. Please take this as an opportunity to evaluate whether it would be the right home for you and your organization.
  • If you are interested in becoming a member of Norrsken, please sign up before 16th November. Signing up will reserve you a place; the payments will only begin once the space has launched.
  • In the comments section, please mention Impact Hub Stockholm since your seat is pre-reserved through us. Otherwise you will run the risk of getting rejected.
  • If you are contacted by Funda, Jesper or Van to let you know that you are eligible for the discounted rate, please fill out the section for “Tech for Good Membership”.
  • If you would like to visit the space before signing up, there will be an open house for Impact Hub members at Norrsken House on the 10th November and 14th November, starting at 16.30. You can register for a guided tour by clicking here. Please be punctual.
  • Let us know if you want to see the space but are not available on the above-mentioned dates, we will find a solution for you.
  • If you have any questions, you can read the FAQ section on Norrsken House webpage. For further questions, please find Impact Hub Stockholm team members.
Cathy Xiao Chen

Cathy Xiao Chen

Community Manager

Cathy Xiao Chen is the Space & Community Manager at Impact Hub Stockholm. She co-organises #SthlmFoodMovement and consults on Food Sustainability.