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Zeroing in on Workplace Frictions

Oct 9th
8:00 - 9:00
50 SEK
About this Event
Most organizations rely on written messages which often lead to misunderstandings and conflicts. With companies transitioning to remote work, workplace friction is becoming increasingly prominent. More than 90% of the professionals surveyed in one study reported that they had experienced “nasty emails”. In the US alone these conflicts are estimated to cost a total of $359B in lost time each year.
What you’ll get
Andrew Hennigan will show you how to adopt straightforward strategies borrowed from the world of diplomacy. You’ll learn how to reduce workplace conflicts and minimize their impact, creating smoother interactions, and reduced stress. Organizations that encourage this approach benefit from reduced conflicts, happier employees, and greater productivity.
About Andrew Hennigan
Andrew Hennigan is an influential speaker, Business Coach, Board Member and Speaker Coach at TEDxStockholm, and the author of Payforward Networking. He coaches Senior Management in communication, company culture, and conflict prevention.

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