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Unmute presents: Storytelling – A vehicle for social progress?

Feb 25th
16:00 - 17:30

In honour of Black History month – Unmute is excited to announce our 2nd zoom session: “Storytelling – A vehicle for social progress? A conversation about systemic racism, advocacy and Black empowerment”.

In the wake of last year’s widespread racial unrest and Black Lives Matters protests, it is now more important than ever to speak up against racial injustices happening all around the world. How do we use our voices to advocate and empower? How do we leverage the power of storytelling to create a better world?

We will together with Senzwa Ntshepe dive deep into all of these questions. Senzwa is DEI Strategist and a 2x founder, focusing on creating inclusive and equitable communities and environments.

His current venture Edclusion (launching this month), allows users to understand how educational institutions prioritize DEI within their school, garner insights on how historically marginalized individuals experience their school environments, and help schools improve their cultural and competence.

Previously, he Co-founded Elivade, a career advancement platform and community for students and professionals of colour. Senzwa’s ultimate goal is to ensure that resources and opportunities are equitably distributed and accessed by all marginalized identities.

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