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Transitioning Tourism: The Tourism Industry in a New Economy

Jul 3rd
10:00 - 12:00

The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected much of movement and mobility in the country, and tourism was one of the hardest hit industries. Travel bans in most countries, and limited movement within cities really hit the tourism market. Given that many microenterprises in the Philippines rely on tourism to thrive, many people have lost their jobs and their main source of income.

This webinar focuses on seeing how the tourism industry is moving forward. The goal is to identify ways on how to pivot and adjust systems to cater to the changing world, and to find concrete and innovative solutions to the current gaps we have today.

Desired Objectives and topics of discussion

Current state of Tourism in the Philippines
-Gaps in the system
-COVID and beyond
Finding opportunities in the pandemic
Moving forward
-Looking for possible solutions and innovations
-Collaboration opportunities and how we can continue the conversation
-How concerned citizens can contribute

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