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The Role of Entrepreneurship in Rebuilding Africa’s Economies

Apr 8th
18:30 - 20:30

When the pandemic hit, entrepreneurs across the world were forced to think creatively about how they did business. The New Economy Booster program was launched by Impact Hub in partnership with the lab of tomorrow and with the support of BMZ and aimed to support entrepreneurs in Africa as they navigated this new normal, by providing them with access to new skills and resources. The goal was to contribute to the development of the African economy by supporting impact-driven ventures in the key sectors of agriculture, education, healthcare, culture and creative, and trade.


To commemorate the end of the program, join us for enlightening conversations about the role of entrepreneurship in rebuilding Africa’s economies, as well as the success of the program in achieving its goals of supporting such entrepreneurs.


The event will provide insights into the effects of the epidemic on the African continent, with a focus on Nigeria and Ghana, as well as learn about the relevance of the program as a tool to respond to a crisis of this nature. We will follow the inspiring stories of some ventures that were able to grow or launch as a part of the program and learn how the program has contributed to supporting the growth of these key sectors by supporting these entrepreneurs and ventures.


The agenda for the day includes a panel discussion on the impact of COVID-19 in the region, and how the entrepreneurs are contributing to post-COVID19 recovery, a dive into the objectives and focus of the New Economy Booster program, and a showcase of some of the most compelling stories of entrepreneurs and ventures from the program.

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