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The Ethics and Psychology of Social Media

Jul 2nd
18:00 - 20:00
Jakobsbergsgatan 22

Social media has permeated everyday life. We look at it before our partners in the morning and it is the very last thing we see at night. It has become the most effective form of reaching a global audience and has changed the way we do business. But how does social media affect us? What happens to our brains and how does being overwhelmed with messaging impact our thoughts? Should we allow mobile phones in school? And can Facebook alter areas in our brains?

This talk – based on the book LIKE by Mamduh Halawa, examines the psychological impact of social media platforms to give you insights into how these applications work, and why they are so effective at getting our attention.

This session will cover how social media apps hijack our biological processes, the psychological mechanisms that are built into their design, and the way cognition and behavior can be altered by social media. This talk is valuable for anyone looking for a purely science-based, unbiased review of the psychological impact of social media – free from easy explanations and ideological conclusions.

About the speaker:

Mamduh Halawa released the popular science book LIKE – which covers the psychological impact of social media. He was nominated for “Lilla psykologpriset” in April 2019, an award by the Swedish Psychological Association.

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