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#SthlmFoodMovement: Grow Up

May 31st
0:00 - 0:00
Jakobsbergsgatan 22

How should we grow our food? What is the best way to feed people in the city? What is more resource efficient – growing indoors or outside? Can indoor systems produce all the foods we have come to enjoy on our plate? What types of technology and methods are being used to increase resource efficiency in either indoor growing systems or out in the field? Are foods produced indoors as nutritious as those grown in healthy soil? What sets biodynamic farming apart from organic growing? Can food tech be regenerative? How do we grow up if we can’t grow out?


Doors open at 17.30 and we invite you to bring food to share – a new and innovative brand you’ve discovered or even something homemade! Then at 18.00 we will kick off the night by introducing #SthlmFoodMovement and hear from our wonderful speakers about their experiences and challenges in creating a better society using food as the vehicle for change. Stay with us afterwards for casual networking to foster new friendships, connections and opportunities for collaboration.

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