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Stockholm Food Movement: Stories for change

Oct 9th
18:00 - 20:30
Jakobsbergsgatan 22

For most people, eating food is about more than refuelling the body. It is a cultural practice, a sensory acumen, an experience enhanced by the story behind the food. This time we invite three speakers who are experts in storytelling – from taking masterful photographs for major food brands, working with farmers to capture the story of their local food production, to highlighting immigrant chefs in our community cooking up delicious soul cuisine.

Join us October 9th to discover techniques that will help shape your brand, to tell the story behind your innovation, and capture the imagination of your customers. You will meet Lina Eriksson who not only works as a food photographer but is also the founder of a sustainable textile brand going above and beyond business as usual; Shu Wei, CEO of Gastronaut – an immigrant chef catering company in Stockholm nominated for the prestigious WhiteGuide 2018 – Breakthrough of the Year, and awarded Best International Dining Experience and Most Socially Conscious Caterer; as well as John Gabrielsson, Founder & CEO of Foodla – a company that works with farmers to tell their stories and create a marketplace for producers to buy and sell locally produced goods.

Doors open at 17:30 and we invite you to bring food to share – a new and innovative brand you’ve discovered or even something homemade! Then at 18.00, we will kick off the night by introducing #SthlmFoodMovement and hear from our wonderful speakers about their experiences and challenges in creating a better society using food as the vehicle for change. Stay with us afterward to foster new friendships, connections, and opportunities for collaboration.


If you are joining us for the first time, we gather every month to meet and hear from up-and-coming entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, multinational corporations and more who use food as a vehicle for driving positive change in the world. Together we’re a driving force for challenging the status quo and discovering new innovations to create a more sustainable and regenerative future.


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