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Stockholm Food Movement: May

The next Stockholm Food Movement will explore strategies for developing successful food projects and ways to increase our level of trust in the food we eat. Doors open at 17.30 and we invite you to bring food to share – a new and innovative brand you’ve discovered or even something homemade. Then at 18.00, we will kick off the night by introducing #SthlmFoodMovement and hear from our wonderful speakers about their experiences and challenges in creating a better society using food as the vehicle for change. Stay with us afterwards for networking to foster new friendships, connections and opportunities for collaboration!

17:30 – Doors open

18:00 – Presentations & questions

Ida & Rebecka – Cofounders of Gigafood

Gigafood is a new catering company that produces organic plant-based vegan dishes that are marvellous to eat, high in nutrition, good for your health and sustainable for the planet. Besides containing amazing flavours, plant-food is brain-food, making you sharp and helping you perform at your highest level. Further Gigafood is committed to providing simple nutritious food within planetary boundaries. For every time you choose Gigafood you also save up to 90 % of climate emissions to sustain our gorgeous planet.

Sanna Danell – CEO & co-founder of Foodtruster

Foodtruster is Sweden’s first comparison service where people can rate, compare and give reviews on groceries. The idea came from the founders’ dedication to consumer power and how they wanted to create a place where consumers and producers could meet. Sanna will talk about the new era where the consumers expect more influence and transparency and how Foodtruster is a tool for them.

Kristína Korčeková – Founder of Väktargatan Food Hub

New urban food cooperative operating from the basement of an apartment building in Uppsala. People can either sell their own homemade items or place an order from local farmers. The co-op aims to support local producers and introduce the neighbourhood to high-quality food being made nearby. The next pickup will be at Uppsala’s Sustainability Festival May 18th and will include a tasting session of delicious food produced in Uppsala.

Cecilia Öman – Founder of Action 10

Action10 is a nonprofit and 100% volunteer based organisation that provides expertise, tools and resources to enable people facing extreme poverty to find a way out. That could be by starting a business, gaining skills or learning new ways to improve what they are already doing. Cecilia will talk to us about the various approaches she uses to support food-related projects in the fight against poverty.

20:00 – Mingle



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Impact Hub Stockholm

Date & Time

May 25, 2017 | 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm


Impact Hub Stockholm


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