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Stockholm Food Movement on Wednesday, October 18th will have a little bit of something for everyone!

Featuring five fantastic speakers covering a spectrum of food issues and innovation concepts, we will reflect on a variety of ways to eat more sustainably for ourselves and the planet. We will explore how and where to most sustainably grow food from farms, to backyard gardens, to indoor hydroponic technology. We will discover a new app that provides dietary guidelines based on your own blood test results and then learn about a digital information platform that will help you reduce food waste!

The evening will begin as usual with doors open at 17.30 and presentations starting promptly at 18. Please feel free to bring yummy sustainable treats to share! Since we have so many great speakers expect the night to run a little longer than usual!


You will hear from:

Gunnar Backman – Co-owner of Nordisk Råvara

At Nordisk Råvara we believe that we should produce more of our own food and that we need to offer more plant-based foods and food ingredients as alternatives to animal foods. Currently much of our food is produced in large monocultures with chemical treatments and little regard to soil type and microclimate. But we can become more self-sustainable, have better control and transparency in the food production chain and do great service to the climate by producing a variety of great foods locally. Nordisk Råvara AB won the first prize in Vinnova’s competition for innovative climate-friendly food in 2016.

Jenny Rydebrink – Founder of Gardenize

Do you work in the garden but forget what your plants are called, where you planted them and when you did it? Then get Gardenize a new app that gives you a detailed map of your garden. With Gardenize you can easily save information about your plants and gardening activities by taking pictures and notes to help you remember all the specifics. Gardenize users love Gardenize. Become a Gardenizer user too!

Patrik Stoopendahl – Gaia Grow System

Grow your own vegetables at home without the need for soil or the hassle of having to water plants yourself. The Gaia Grow System™ is a self-watering automatic vertical hydroponic kit. It is a modular kit, making it truly versatile for any application. It is clean, green and easy to install in any home. Become an urban gardener with the Gaia Grow System™.

Theresia Silander Hagström & Oytun Yildirimdemir – Co-founders of Eatit

Eatit acts as your personal physician, dietician and private chef – all in one place. Download the mobile application, take a blood test at your local care centre and generate individual recipes based on your health data. Eatit uses blood tests, food preferences and medical research to generate individualized recipes that preserve the quality of life for everyday people.

Mårten Thorslund – Founder of Matsvinnet

Matsvinnet.se is a digital information platform focusing on Sweden but also feature a global perspective, providing facts, tricks and inspiration to minimizing food waste. Matsvinnet.sewrites, speaks and acts for the anti-food waste movement. There has been no better time to stop food waste than now!

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October 18, 2017 | 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm


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