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Startup Stories Special Edition: Female Founders

Nov 23rd
18:00 - 19:00
Are you thinking about founding your own company? Do you want to meet inspiring female founders? Are you curious about how it is to be a female founder in a male-dominated industry?
We will address these and many more questions in our newly launched female founder event series. You have the possibility to talk to three inspiring female founders about their entrepreneurial journey in small groups.
✨ Why is this relevant?
Of all company founders in Switzerland, only approximately 24% are female and the percentage for science- and tech-based startups is even lower. We want to show aspiring female founders that there are many inspiring female role models out there.
✨ Who can participate?
Women interested in entrepreneurship and women empowerment who are considering starting their own business; especially motivated and ambitious members of a Swiss university or University of Applied Sciences (students, doctoral students, postdocs, professors etc.). As the event is organised together with the university of zurich, we will focus on science- and tech-based sectors.

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