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Redefining the Future Of Cities: Urban solid waste

Sep 2nd
16:00 - 17:30

Waste management is a problem in rapidly growing urban centers. Unsustainable production and consumption patterns result in waste that can harm human health and the environment. This session will uncover the movement that is happening in Brazil to reduce the environmental impact of waste management. How are other cities taking action? And what can we learn from each other?



Ana Maria Keating da Costa Arsky is an architect and urban planner, and a specialist in sustainable urban rehabilitation in the area of ​​solid waste. With the University of Brasília, Ana has been working with REABILITA since 2008.

Charles Carneiro is a postdoctoral fellow in Water Engineering and Science, with a PhD in Geology, Master in Soil Science, with a specialization in Integrated Management of Lakes. The Sustainable Projects Coordinator at SEDEST, Charles has also been appointed as Research Manager, Sewerage Manager and Solid Waste Manager at SANEPAR.

This session will be moderated by Rulian Maftum, Program Director at Impact Hub Curitiba and will be accessible in English, Portuguese and Spanish.


Redefining the Future of Cities is a partnership between seven Impact Hubs, located in Sweden, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, to highlight how socially responsible companies are working to achieve SDG 11. From August to November, sessions will feature experts from two cities to share best practices from each country.

Can we reimagine a future with more justice and equity, and how will the new reality redefine the process for a more sustainable future? Join the conversations on urban design, mobility, vulnerable communities, access to green spaces, inclusive human settlements and public policies, among others.

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