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Redefining the Future of Cities: Citizen Mobility

Aug 17th
19:00 - 21:00
Join Impact Hub CDMX and Impact Hub Medellín to discuss SDG 11 and learn best practices between cities.

About this event

SDG 11.3 has the purpose of generating conversation and action to increase inclusive and sustainable urbanization and the capacity for participatory, integrated, and sustainable planning and management of human settlements in all countries.

How are cities driving action for sustainable urbanization? What can we learn from each other? How can we influence others to act in our collective best interests? And how is COVID-19 influencing how the world must adapt?



Daniel Alvarado – Design Analyst and Strategist and consultant at GENSLER, a company that designs and shapes the future of cities every day. His vision: “to create a better world through the power of design.”

Arturo Hernández – Founder of Los Supercívicos, an organization that specializes in the production of viral videos that show the behavior of citizens, public infrastructure and public services in our cities.

Lina López – Medel´lín Human Mobility Manager, is co-creator of the Medellín Public Bicycle System, advisor to C40 for the formulation of the Climate Action Plan and Human Mobility Manager of Medellín.


The conference cycle is inspired by the “Urban Challenges” program, a transnational collaboration to build fairer and more sustainable cities, in particular safer public transport.

The panels will be biweekly and will be hosted by Impact Hubs located in Sweden, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. Rotating venues, themes, and panelists, for the purpose of exchanging ideas and understanding how social innovation is driving positive change in cities of all nations.

Attendees will be from all four countries, as well as members of the Impact Hub Global network consisting of 16,500 social innovators from around the world.

Get inspired by leaders in the field and engage in forward-thinking conversations toward a more sustainable future.

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