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Rare earth magnets and Circular Economy

Sep 22nd
17:00 - 18:00

Rare earth magnets based upon neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) are one of the most crucial components needed in high-performing and efficient products of European industries such as automotive, aerospace, e-mobility, wind power and consumer goods. However, less than 10% of current EU demand for NdFeB is met by EU production as mining of rare earths causes significant environmental damage and far more NdFeB magnets are needed than currently manufactured. Thanks to its vast amount of NdFeB resources, a single country in the world currently controls the market of rare earth materials and magnets; a quasi-monopoly which can result in high price volatility and supply risk.

The project SUSMAGPRO aims to develop a recycling supply chain for rare earth magnets in the European Union and to demonstrate the effective reuse of recycled rare earth materials within several industries.

Join the event to get first-hand information regarding this innovative project and the relevance for the industries using rare earth magnets in their products.

Speaker: Professor Dr. Carlo Burkhardt Hochschule Pforzheim

Dr. Carlo Burkhardt is professor of manufacturing technologies at Pforzheim University in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. He has coordinated several large European Union-funded research and development projects with budgets exceeding €20 million and is currently the project coordinator of SUSMAGPRO.

Moderation: Markus Besch, Circular Transformation Hub

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