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Python as Universal Tool

Nov 26th
18:00 - 19:00
On this entry-level webinar, we will look at Python usage in two IT areas: Data Analysis and Web Development. Our speakers, who specialize in these fields, will show examples of how Python is applied in their line of work and what everyone can do using the language as well as relevant frameworks and libraries. The session includes a demonstration of how Python is used to clean and transform data for a simple visualization in Jupyter Notebooks.
Python is easy to learn. The syntax resembles regular English while the language is used for complex programs and solutions. Starting with Python will make Back End, Data Science, DevOps, Big Data, Machine Learning, and system administration all available for you as future options. The language is employed by Google, Facebook, Nasa, IBM, and Dropbox. With Python, you can quickly create a game or an app prototype and quickly assess if the program will run properly.
No pre-existing knowledge is required. This is a FREE webinar by Beetroot Academy Sweden and will be held in ENGLISH. Everyone is welcome to join!

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