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Protecting Your Venture / Innovation 101

Nov 19th
18:00 - 19:30
Jakobsbergsgatan 22

How do you protect your commercial interests when launching your startup?

You have a ground-breaking business idea, an algorithm, a prototype, a blue-print, a creative business name, a slogan, a business process, a strategic alliance. What are some of the steps you can take to protect these?
In this session you will learn tips on how to go about protecting and controlling your commercial interests when launching your startup / venture / cooperative.

Love Fält, Associate at Rouse, has more than five years experience from working with IP law including IP related dispute resolution both outside and in courts. Erik Oskarsson, Principal at Rouse, has more than five years of experience in working with matters relating to the protection, valuation and identification of innovation.

Company – Rouse
Rouse has partnered with Coompanion Stockholm to provide IP guidance to entrepreneurs / startups / cooperatives in Coompanion Stockholm’s network. Rouse was founded on the idea that IP matters often represent complex challenges involving knowledge in more areas than just IP; IP, law and business development. In addition to providing support in IP complex matters; Rouse offers services like any other IP firm, e.g. filing patent applications, or law firm, e.g. license agreements and more.

Who should attend?
Students planning to start a venture together
Social innovators with ideas to change the world for better
Upcoming and early-stage entrepreneurs, startups, ventures, teams, cooperatives
Scaleups and growth-focused companies
Businesses expanding internationally
Professionals, intrapreneurs, entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems interested in knowing basics of collaborations, trademarks and IP

Event plan
18.00-18.10 Check-in, mingle, coffee
18.10-18.20 Session intro by Coompanion Stockholm
18.20-19.10 Main Session by Rouse
19.10-19.30 & onwards Q&A, Mingle & Close

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