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More Freedom, Less Fear – Active Breakfast

Jun 13th
7:30 - 9:00
Jakobsbergsgatan 22
How could you achieve your potential if you don’t know what is really stopping you?
This event is precisely designed to help you find how your subconscious fears limit your decision-making process, keeping you in what we call the comfort zone. Think of fear more like resistance to change.
There is a method that works effectively for unveiling some of these fears, it is storytelling. Through this event, you’ll learn the process of identification of fears hidden within stories of failure, a conscious effort to transforming limitation into an advantage, resistance into freedom and stagnation into growth.


    1. Intro and background: 15m
      1. Theoretical framework: definitions, how emotions work, purpose.
      2. methodology: Using storytelling to identify fears or points of resistance
    2. Workshop: 30m
      1. Self-reflection
      2. Mutual storytelling coaching (teamwork)
      3. Story-sharing (randomly selected stories)
    3. Purpose (workshop): 30m. Defining a plan of action for personal development.
    4. Challenge & conclusions: 15m. Share with the participants every week for 2 months about your progress implementing your plan.

“Starting with yourself through reflection, connecting to others through sharing, and then learning how to take action to make a change”


    1. The framework, definitions used, links and resources.
    2. Story-coaching matrix
    3. Vision of Present Canvas (purpose)

This workshop is designed and hosted by Jose Antonio Morales, a founding partner at Lincoln Island Initiatives. He is an experienced innovator, entrepreneur, coach with more than five years experience with the topics of fear, failure in the context of entrepreneurship. Jose is an active member of Impact Hub Vienna, founder of Aurora Coworking space in Slovenia and an avid traveler.

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