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Masterclass Circular Strategies

Oct 1st
14:00 - 17:00
Learn more about (circular) resource strategies and principles and come up with new circular ideas and actions!
In this Masterclass, you will play with the Circularity Deck, a card-deck based tool (developed by Circular Strategies) that can help you and your team to:
1. understand (circular) resource strategies and principles;
2. come up with new circular ideas and actions;
3. organize them within the Circular Strategies framework.
This will happen online. You will get access to your personal Miro board with all the materials. You are free to copy this material after the Masterclass to your own Miro board, and invite your colleagues, partners and suppliers to jointly develop and validate actionable ideas on how to drive your circular business. This masterclass will be facilitated by Jan Konietzko.
What you will get out of this workshop:
1. A basic understanding of the five circular strategies (narrow, slow, close, regenerate and inform material and energy flows).
2. A set of concrete actions and ideas on how to implement these strategies in your business.
3. An organizing framework and material to take home with you.
Sign-up now, limited spots available: https://bit.ly/3iYM5rb
The Province of Noord-Holland and Impact Hub Amsterdam are working together to strengthen the circular ecosystem in the province. As part of this collaboration, we organize various events and masterclasses.

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