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Masterclass Circular Behavioural Psychology

Nov 5th
14:00 - 17:00
In collaboration with Ignited Minds, how to use Psychology & Design to influence behavior, grow your business AND do good for our planet.
During this masterclass we focus on behavioural psychology and how you can use this as a company to let your consumers make sustainable (and circular) choices.
Ignited Minds are specialists in the field of behavioural psychology, design thinking and customer journeys. The result: smarter teams creating better customer experiences with more positive impact, helping to empower purpose-driven teams to accelerate innovation.
We will be putting our virtual heads together to
1. understand your customer better. How their behaviour, psychology, fears, needs, purpose and decisions work. Why they engage/share/complain/leave. And how you can put this knowledge into practice within the context of a customer journey.
2. work on your own challenge which is important for your business (Like: how can I stimulate current customers to return?). In the end, you’ll walk away with ideas & inspiration which you can put into practice immediately.
What you will get out of this workshop
1. Insight in behavioural psychology, decision making and how this works in the context of customer journeys & user flows.
2. Inspiration & ideas which you can put into action tomorrow.
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