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Launch of the first Zebras Unite chapter in Sweden

Dec 9th
11:00 - 12:00
How do we make business in Sweden more sustainable and leadership more empathic? Join us to learn about the Zebras Unite community.

About this event

Join us in the launch of the Zebra movement in Sweden. We want to spread the Zebra message and co-create with you a movement that questions the “business as usual”. So let’s start from the beginning. Help us define the major challenges in the corporate landscape today and let’s brainstorm on how to fix it. How do we make business in Sweden more sustainable and leadership more empathic?


In this webinar we will introduce the Zebras Unite community. We will give you a short presentation and explain why we want to launch the movement in Sweden.


This community is open to all professionals in Sweden: Entrepreneurs, managers, job seekers, consultants, and more.

Please prepare to have your video on during the meeting, to co-create and be interactive!

Hope to see you on the 9th December, we can’t wait!


For more information: https://zebrasunite.coop/

Contact: [email protected]


Does this sound like you?

You’re tired of and uninspired by the Silicon Valley status quo

You’re building a better way, through your company or in the work you do

You believe entrepreneurship and the startup ecosystem can benefit from principles of solidarity economy, economic democracy and shared power

You’re excited by, thinking about, and advancing shared ownership and power, alternative capital, and new corporate forms

You believe that one of the most urgent human rights project of our time is reimagining business

You identify with our values of truthfulness, fierceness, emergence and mutualism

Congratulations! You are a Zebra.

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