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Insight for Sustainability

May 4th
11:00 - 16:30
Insight for Sustainability
45€ – 400€

Post-Covid, sustainability will, most likely, be the greatest behavioral challenge in human history. All organizations and individuals will depend on greater collaboration to tackle environmental degradation. We will fail unless we learn to apply the best behavior change methods. Following this event, you’ll be able to enhance your sustainability leadership role using the combined power of insight and the behavioral sciences.

Experts proclaim we are at the beginning of an economic paradigm shift, whereby governments and business are starting to acknowledge the importance of moving away from pure capitalism to focus more on developing circular economies and societal wellbeing.

Indeed, smart organisations (from the private, public or social sectors) know that if they do not adapt now, they will fail their consumers and the public by not playing a role in such imminent transformation.

Why is it so difficult to take action when there is overwhelming evidence that indicates we should simply live more sustainably to save ourselves from disaster?

At ‘Insight for Sustainability’, we will draw from the latest advances in the world of insight to help organisations ‘rewire’ their approach, innovative solutions, and contribute to the sustainability world agenda.


  • Why all types of organisations need to adopt to the demands of consumers and the public and embark on the sustainability agenda
  • Why putting behavioural understanding at the centre is the first step in tackling the challenge
  • How specific insight practices, such as the Behaviour Change Techniques (nudges) developed by the Behavioural Sciences, can offer opportunities for organisations to innovate, market, and sell more sustainable products and services
  • How organisations can develop effective sustainability strategies using insight tools such as context analysis, segmentation and customer journeys
  • What the main levers are for complex social collaboration to become effective
  • What country-level policies and incentive mechanisms are already successful and how behavioural understanding already contributes to policy development.

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