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How to Form a Culture of Habitual Learning to Support Personal and Business Growth

Jan 18th
14:00 - 15:00

As we go into the new year we often think about new things we’d like to learn, how we want to progress in our careers, or what we can do to support our overall well-being.

As Learning & Development professionals, there is also the challenge of supporting and encouraging the learning of an organisation’s workforce too, to  meet the demands and ambitions of the business.

For people and business to thrive, we need to move away from occasional learning to habitual learning.

So how do you create a habit of conscious learning? How do you join forces with your brain, and what can you do to support your mind and body in that process?

In this fireside chat, we’ll explore:

  • What science has to say about habit formation and how to put it into practise.
  • How L&D leaders can help support people to cultivate great habits and be better learners
  • Why exercise, sleep and diet are all critical in supporting our abilities to learn

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