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Feeding the City Programme Finale

Nov 26th
16:30 - 20:45

Join us in celebrating the achievement of 8 impactful food enterprises on Impact Hub King’s Cross’ Feeding the City Start Up programme.

As COVID-19 wreaked havoc in our kitchens, shops and further along the supply chain, many became aware of the fragilities and inequalities in our food system. But underneath the chaos of the pandemic, a seed of change has been waiting for the right conditions to sprout. We have been given the opportunity to rebuild a food system that is more responsible, sustainable and equitable.

Over the course of a year, we’ve been supporting 8 inspiring social enterprises who are motivated to do just that.

Starting a business is never easy, and this year posed additional challenges. These 8 ventures have shown a phenomenal amount of resilience, hard work and adaptability in face of the obstacles.

Help celebrate our 2020 cohort as they pitch their early-stage businesses for feedback to a panel of social enterprise and food sector experts. Following the pitches, we’ll invite you to share your own ideas and connect with the business founders in smaller networking groups.

5.30 pm – Introduction and Overview of Feeding the City Programme

5.45 pm – Pitches and feedback from Jury Panel and the audience!

7.10 pm – Organised networking session- connect and share ideas with the Founders and other attendees

7.30 pm – Announcement of category winners


Feeling inspired to start your own impactful food start up? Looking to scale an existing one? You’ll have an opportunity to speak with our team about next year’s sustainable food programmes.

Find out how these changemakers they are tackling problems in our food system, while doubly addressing issues in their communities. You will hear pitches from:

Field Bakery

A model-example of a sustainable bakery business connecting with their community, this Bristol bakery mills fresh flour to make delicious bread from UK-grown diverse grains. Field Bakery develops and supports local economies by providing a route to market for diverse grains, reducing reliance on unsustainable grain imports, and educates local communities about the importance of sustainable cereal growing in the UK.

The Refugee Café

The Lewisham-based Refugee Café will be serving delicious, international food whilst providing training and a path to employment for local refugees. The café will be a space for the local community to socialise, learn and interact over food and drinks while local refugees and other vulnerable migrants will gain training to harness skills and knowledge relevant for the catering industry. While COVID-19 has made it hard to secure a premise, it has not slowed down the team. While waiting for their cafe to open, the Refugee Cafe has developed a trio of delicious dips and pickles made by local refugee families to be sold at zero-waste shops and local markets.

Fungi Town

Fungi Town is an urban mushroom farm growing nutritious mushrooms and leafy greens from local by-products. Using coffee grains, sawdust and straw as a growing substrate for the mushrooms, the production processes are environmentally sustainable and low tech with minimal impact on water and energy usage. Fungi town is eager to show and enable the residents of Brighton to participate in the growing process, learning about mushroom varieties and their role in a nutritious and healthy diet.

Kitchen at 44

The Kitchen at 44 CIC is a community kitchen, cook school and tiny rooftop farm. They sell cookery classes, hold food related events and hire out the community kitchen. Through their cooking classes and space hire, they will subsidise use of the kitchen to vulnerable or underserved groups in Stirling to help them gain valuable cooking skills and foster community engagement.

Global Feast

‘Good food cultures make thriving communities’

Global Feast are a curated global pantry delivered to your door. They deliver London’s most delicious and diverse treats and staples, making it easy to support local, migrant and minority owned food businesses on a regular basis. Global Feast share incredible flavours, and champion the people and places that create them.

Shoots Market

Shoots Market is a new supermarket that provides communities in Wales with healthy, local, sustainable and affordable food and products in store and online. They provide convenience without compromise that is good for people, the planet and the economy.

Stir it Up

Stir It Up want to transform the way local families buy, cook and think about food. Through their vegetable recipe box delivery service, they’ll not only offer their community the tools and raw materials with which to cook their children healthy meals, but also empower them to make food choices that will have a positive impact on people, planet and their local population.

Reviving Food

A mobile microbakery in Kincraig producing wholesome bread and pastries using local ingredients to nourish local communities. Reviving Food supports sustainable farming through the use of grain and flour from organic UK growers and millers and develops their local economy through collaboration and partnerships with local producers.


Our jury

We have an incredible jury that will be judging our amazing businesses!

Clara Niedt – Programme Coordinator at Impact Hub Berlin

Sarah Williams – Programmes Director at Sustain

Albert Tucker – Chairman at Karma Cola Foundation

Chernise Neo – Founder at Proof Bakery



Join us to learn more about the growing sustainable food enterprise sector and connect with inspiring individuals who are leading the way!

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