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Exponential talents – How to recruit talents who can accelerate innovation

Jan 14th
8:30 - 10:00
Jakobsbergsgatan 22

Welcome to a breakfast workshop on exponential talents

– Light breakfast from 8:00 AM, Workshop 8:30 – 10:00 AM –

Thanks to their unique perspective on things, exponential talents have the ability to find creative growth paths and innovative solutions.

Who are exponential talents? What makes them tick? How can organizations create a working environment that will attract them and make them want to stick around?

Let’s discuss, share knowledge and get inspired. And enjoy an exclusive first screening of Local Glimpse’s new video series on exponential talents, created in collaboration with Exponentials. The series will let you hear true stories, gain insights, and learn more about what is expected of future leaders in their management and employee experience, with personal growth, diversity and belonging as core values.

The workshop will focus more specifically on multipotential talents, “multipotentialites”, and discuss:

  • Who are exponential and multipotential talents? How does it work when curiosity, creativity and adaptability drive you to pursue multiple career interests, simultaneously or sequentially?
  • What do they bring to the table? How can they accelerate innovation and growth? How can they contribute with a unique take on and novel solutions to challenges an organization may face?
  • How can organizations create an environment that attract and retain multipotential talents?
  • How can organizations create an innovation-friendly environment to stimulate personal growth and business acceleration?


Multipotential talent- and innovation-friendly environments: stimulating personal growth and business acceleration

Maria Olofsson, Operation Manager, Uminova Innovation, CEO Motivation and Move

Josef Conning, Urbanist, Augur

Marlène Sellebråten, founder, Exponentials – The Talent Happiness Company

Benjamin Kesler, co-founder, Local Glimpse, the authentic employer branding video agency

More speakers to be announced soon!

You should attend

You are a talent, a talent acquisition manager, a talent retention manager, a recruiter, an HR manager, a diversity and inclusion manager, a startup or corporate leader, in a management and/or leadership position? You should definitely attend! Can’t find your role but feel deeply interested in the topic? Then you should definitely attend too!

This workshop is brought to you by Exponentials – The Talent Happiness Company and Local Glimpse, the authentic employer branding video agency, and co-hosted by Impact Hub Stockholm.

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