Community Christmas Dinner

Dear Members,

With the days getting shorter and the weather colder, we want to bring some cheer and warmth to the winter darkness and celebrate this past year with all of you together.

So we’re inviting you to our annual Christmas Dinner on Friday the 14th of December at 18:00 to share a delicious community feast! This is the perfect time to reflect upon and share your achievements of 2018, make a few New Year resolutions (or not), and catch up with your colleagues and coworkers before disappearing into a very well-deserved Christmas holiday.

In order to create a table that is just as diverse as all of you, we ask that you bring a dish to share. We hope to avoid promoting unnecessary consumerism so if you would like to give and/or receive a present, please bring something from home that you no longer need or something handmade. Gifts will be shared via lottery during the evening.

Please remember to register your name alongside the food you will bring on the list at the kitchen table, or add your details to the sheet online (find the link in your email). Then all that’s left is to bring your lovely self and partner and/or kids!

See you there,

Best wishes and a happy December!

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Event Organizers

Impact Hub Stockholm


Date & Time

December 14, 2018 | 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm


Impact Hub Stockholm


Updated on 11 December 2018