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Circular Hubs across Europe

Apr 28th
17:00 - 18:30

The topic of the Circular Economy has become a hot and trendy topic around the world. It has become one of the main pillars of the European Green Deal and has gained regional interest.

At this event, together with other Circular Economy Hubs across Europe, we want to discuss current trends, areas of work, and the challenges these organisations face when bringing the circular economy into practice. We want to learn from them how they build their path towards Circularity.

Together with three local leading hubs from the Netherlands, Switzerland and Norway, we will discuss their individual local responses to becoming Circular Economy hubs in their respective countries.

Our panelists:

Cynthia Reynolds: Founder of Circular Oslo & Circular Regions

Laurène Descamps: Program Coordinator Circular Economy Transition and Impact HUB Zurich

Sandra Kolodzinskyi: Advisor Circular Economy, Energy and Climate International from Holland Circular Hotspot

Dina Padalkina: Founder of Circular Berlin


17.00 – Start and check in

17.05 – Input sessions from our panelists

18.00 – Panel round

18.25 – Closing

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