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Achieve YOUR Dreams with In Power Training

Have you ever wanted to become more successful, wealthier, or maybe happier?

Of course, you will not meet a genie or a wizard to make it happen for you at this special event. But we know that you can become your own “genie” – powerful and confident – and make your goals achievable. That is why we invite you to this powerful training, where you will get in touch with the successful principles that will help you to achieve results in different fields of your life and become a better version of yourself.

At this 2 hour training, you will discover and practice 8 important steps that will move you easily towards your goal achievements. In Power Training will share with you the tools that millionaires use for their abundance and prosperity and you will take the first step to achieving your BIG GOAL right here during the training. Is this something you feel excited about? We know because we did this and we saw what stopped us before and what changed our minds. Exploring your challenges and fears will give you the power to overcome them and bring you real results!

Cool or cool?

After this training, you will never be the same person again who wants to achieve something but is afraid of moving forward due to over-thinking or other reasons! Get ready to have some interesting conversations and practices without having to sound clever. You can just be yourself, express your feelings and enjoy the activities.

So, do you want the positive impact in your life and get more results? If yes, then this event is for you. And for now, it is ABSOLUTELY free! Invest in yourself for future results today.



Elena has practiced different tools and work on goal setting for more than 5 years, being part of the international organization AIESEC and a Global Company “Tucano Coffee”, participating at international trainings regarding the topic from Success Resources trainings and Mindvally Academy, joining trainings of Brian Tracy, Andy Szekeli, Harv Eker, Robert Riopel, Robin Sharma and others. It’s her first experience in Sweden, and why that it is more exited to share the knowledge and practices with a new audience!

Company: In Power Training.

In Power Training – is a consultancy training company that has a mission to provide ambitious people with the best possibilities to learn fast and creative! We truly believe that this approach develops individuals and groups of people in a very interesting and enjoyable way! In Power Training company is focused on creating positive and efficient learning environments, based on personal or corporate values and mission.

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Impact Hub Stockholm

Date & Time

June 21 | 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm


Impact Hub Stockholm


Updated on 15 June 2017