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Launching integration in Sweden with Gastronaut

A new food app launched in Stockholm in January this year. It began with the idea of breaking down the barriers that prevent everyday people from making their home cooked meals available to the public. Stockholm Food Movement at Impact… More

We Have Room: September Mashup on Sustainable Cities

By Kristina Korcekova Cities are sustainability champions. Because they are so compact, they use use less energy, promote public transportation, a foster creativity. From their mingling guts comes innovation.  The city’s biggest ace is its efficient use of space: cities… More

The Olio app: social good, but also chocolate penises

Tessa had a problem on her hands. She was moving to the UK. Her bags were packed, but she still had food in the fridge. She didn’t want it to go to waste, so she knocked on her neighbour’s doors… More

From tomatoes to crickets. Maybe.

Håkan Holmgren runs Ekoaffären, an ecological food boutique (i.e. a little grocery store of healthy things) in Vasastan. He came to talk to the Stockholm Food Movement meetup on September 8th, and shared with us his ideas about how to… More

Fear and Fail Media Edition

Media is an industry that is fundamental to a functioning society. Through the media, we find out what is happening. We used to get our information mostly through commercial media like newspapers, television, and radio, and we got our community… More

Tyler Crowley says social entrepreneurs are fake entrepreneurs

Stockholm Tech Meetup is this city’s hottest gettogether for early-stage tech entrepreneurs. Tyler Crowley is the man behind, and the face of the organization and he predicts that the focus of entrepreneurs is set to change.  The world currently grapples… More

Incubating social enterprise with the BENISI project

3 years ago, the BENISI project began with a mission to find 300 promising social innovations, and track them as they scaled up and created a positive impact in the world. In April of this year, the project finished, and… More

Scale your business for a bigger impact

You have ideas for a social enterprise, and the ambition to change things for the better. How far can you go with Impact Hub as your support? All the way from the idea stage to being an independent, multi-national organization.… More