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Startup Story: Emma Wiklund, CEO & Founder

Emma Wiklund felt as though her career was ending while everyone else’s had just begun. She had built her own personal brand and travelled extensively, but was ready to take a step back, and to make time for friends, family,… More

How one ice cream brand is changing the world

Picture this. It’s 1978 in Vermont. Two childhood friends from New York have just completed a course in ice cream making by correspondence from Pennsylvania State University’s Creamery. One of them is unable to taste so they experiment with adding… More

Scrapping food waste for climate change

Johan Lundberg has been an entrepreneur for 25 years. He’s founded numerous companies, experienced exits, and also some failures. He manages two companies now. Both aim to reduce the human impact on climate change. The one we’re hearing about today… More

Impact Hub Stockholm launches partnership with Norrsken Foundation

Your team at Impact Hub has been working night and day to find a new home in order to begin a new era of impact-making. It has been over 10 years since we knocked down the first walls at Riddargatan… More

Why we embrace self-management at Impact Hub Stockholm

Most companies experience problems in the workplace. They might range from a lack of employee engagement, internal communication issues, and a stifling of creativity, just to name a few. Sweden, especially, is known for valuing consensus and jantelagen, or the… More

Do we really want a sustainable food system if it means giving up our ethics?

Jan de Wilt is a big proponent of CEA or Closed Environment Agriculture. From The Netherlands where population density averages roughly 488 people per square kilometre versus Sweden’s mere 21, it’s easy to understand why. For the first time in… More

Intern stories: from Tiger Mother’s daughter to social entrepreneur

She knew Sweden as “one of the happiest countries in the world.” The big lure to Sweden, though, wasn’t just the promise of opportunities and an education. She was trying to find a way out of China. Xueying or Sherry,… More

Launching integration in Sweden with Gastronaut

A new food app launched in Stockholm in January this year. It began with the idea of breaking down the barriers that prevent everyday people from making their home cooked meals available to the public. Stockholm Food Movement at Impact… More