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When is Tinder a Social Enterprise?

You may have found yourself in a position of late overhearing or being surrounded by terms or phrases such as; “Our business is a social entrepreneurship” or “We’re really great at social innovation.” I have heard these terms since the… More

Fast fashion – our overconsumption society

I’m currently starting up the brand Circle of Sweden that creates ethical and sustainable minimalist fashion for today’s conscious women. Our goal? To make clothes produced under good working conditions and sourced from environmentally friendly materials the obvious choice by… More

The intangible web of “Help Yourself” creativity

“When I became floor manager I had to facilitate our team meetings. It worked out well… until it didn’t anymore. My team needed new ways to think and I wasn’t able to provide it. During the creativity workshop I realized… More

Intern Stories: Personal Development in a Creative Workplace

This month we catch up with one of our summer interns who came to us with great hospitality and service experience as well as a sense of uncertainty about how to find meaningful work. It’s a story that many of… More

How To Make The Most Of Your LinkedIn Network

Unlike other social networks, LinkedIn is targeted at professionals. For those with businesses, LinkedIn is a useful tool that you can use to reach out to other professionals for help or advice, to find new projects, to generate new leads,… More

How To Build Community With Salad

Impact Hub Stockholm began in Östermalm at R17 in 2005, named after its address at Riddargatan 17D. Through the years, our coworking space developed into a dynamic space that offered incubator programs, business labs and a close-knit community of entrepreneurs… More

13 Ways To Boost Your Productivity

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused efforts. By increasing your productivity, you’ll have more time for other things in life. You can improve your life by making… More

Intern Stories: interview with a junior developer

This month I interview Valentina Aleksieva. She’s a Girls in Tech ambassador and has moved her life from Macedonia to Stockholm. In January, she left us to study software development at KTH and has since won a programming competition. She… More