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Impact Hub Stockholm wins 2018 Coworker Members’ Choice Award for coworking spaces

Impact Hub Stockholm has been recognized as the winner of the 2018 Coworker Members’ Choice Award for Stockholm, Sweden. Members’ Choice Award winners were determined based on the thousands of reviews, votes and opinions collected in a single year from… More swims in funding thanks to SCHIP

Corentin de Trégomain of is a winner of the first cycle of Social Challenges Innovation Platform (SCHIP) and his startup was awarded 30,000 EUR for his solution to create more social interaction in the Dutch countryside. The idea… More

1.23 Million Euros Awarded to 41 Entrepreneurs

Social Challenges Innovation Platform spearheaded by META, EBN, and Impact Hubs around the world recently awarded 1.23 Million Euros to 41 entrepreneurs to solve pressing social and environmental challenges in Europe.   The first round of challenges attracted 225 submissions… More

3 Ways To Attract & Retain Your Top Millennial Talents

Much of today’s workforce consists of Millennials, and the amount is continuing to rise. It’s crucial for companies, from both long-established corporations to startups, to adjust to this generation and attitudes to attract and retain talent.   In recent research… More

Maintaining inner wellbeing and creating social impact – Insights from the Delphi Study

In our efforts towards global sustainability and creating a positive impact in the world, we often lose sight of our inner wellbeing and social sustainability. To create a more efficient and sustainable environment in our workspace, it is important to… More

How Users Shape Volatility

How has our business environment become more unpredictable? What is it that causes change? Have we adopted new moral standards or simply become better at accountability?   “Our environment has become much more volatile than before, and will continue to… More

Entrepreneurs and Freelancers – Are you ready for GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from the European Union will affect everyone living in or doing business with people in the EU. It is more to be feared for much bigger organizations with a lot of sensitive data. However,… More

Are you building someone else’s trademark?

You have been thinking back and forth about what to name your new business and after many hours you’ve finally found the perfect brand name. Now things start to take shape, a logo is designed, promotional material is produced, your… More