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Lean Speaking: How to Create a Compelling Last-Minute Presentation

You have an important presentation coming up on Monday. But now it is Sunday and it is still not ready. From the beginning you had planned to work on it for weeks and make the best presentation of your life,… More

Interviewing the Entrepreneur: lessons learned

For the past year and a half, I’ve been working for a programme designed to help foreign-born women and men come into their full potential as entrepreneurs. In the process, I got to work with over 30 women and men… More

Gaia seeks investors to grow a new vision for urban farming

We Swedes love nature. More than 80% of us live within 5 km of a nature area and Allemansrätten means you’ll find us outside exploring forests for mushrooms and scouring low shrubs for wild-growing bilberries. But like many cities, in… More

Social Impact: Making It Big

Earlier this month, our team was hosting the Unconference Space at the annual Social Innovation Summit in Malmö – a meeting place for people in the Nordics to gather to identify major social challenges and develop new knowledge about social… More

Creative Ways to Exercise When you Work in an Office

It’s well known that exercise helps to relieve stress and improve our overall well-being. But when you have a demanding office job, it can seem impossible to maintain a regular fitness routine. We’ve all made the excuse that we are… More

Stepping into the Human Recognition Era with WarOnCancer

As a doctor, what happens after you’ve diagnosed and cared for a patient? How far does the care extend? Who takes responsibility for the patient beyond what is seen on a medical chart? How much attention is given by the… More

Founder Institute Program To Give Away 100k

Founder Institute Stockholm has launched a new program and the best team that graduates will get 100k. Applications have officially opened for the accelerator that begins on Nov 21. We sat down with Joel Sunnehåll, Founder of Desifer and a… More

Intern Stories: Finding Inspiration Overseas

Maria de los Angeles Mena, or Mary as she prefers to be called, has lived in Stockholm for the last 4 months. As a Masters student in general management at a university in Lyon, she was looking for an internship… More