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Impact Hub’s global data shows it’s all about collaboration

Every year, we survey our members at Impact Hubs around the world to find out how being part of our network helps them to reach their goals. The results have been independently analyzed by the Social Entrepreneurship Center / Vienna… More

A new record for Europe’s largest hackathon for women

The city of Stockholm is recognized as one of the most innovative and fastest-growing regions in the world. The home of climate activist Greta Thunberg and where 94% of citizens are connected to the internet, Sweden leads the Nordic countries… More

WWF and Impact Hub join forces for the planet

Let’s join forces for people and the planet Nature and the benefits it provides to people and our societies are fundamental to the existence and richness of human life on earth. If more resources than ever are being supplied to… More

This NGO is pioneering an evidence-based alternative to international aid

Despite the amount of aid given to Africa every year, the number of Africans living in extreme poverty has grown substantially since 1990—even the optimistic outlooks estimate there to be 330 million poor in 2012, up from about 280 million… More

Women in Tech: Findify Case Study

  We all know that tech talent is in global demand. While Sweden scrambles to get its youth interested in and equipped for a career in tech, and opens its doors wider to international talent, hurdles still exist for women… More

Här arbetar alla för att förändra världen

Vi drack vårt kaffe på toaletten …och 24 andra berättelser från hunra års arbetsliv med maskinskriverskor, bleckslagare och hemsystrar liksom nya yrken med drönare och 3D-skrivare – Red. Andreas Nilsson, Arbetets Museum, Norrköping   Cathy Xiao Chen, Värd för kontorskollektiv… More

This director is on a mission for social justice and she wants you to get involved

Iara Lee is an activist and director, and the founder of Cultures of Resistance Films. From organizing Sao Paolo Film Festival to creating over a dozen of her own documentary films, she is a powerhouse of energy and positivity. Her… More

Impact Hub Stockholm named Stockholm’s best coworking space for second year

This week, it was announced that Impact Hub Stockholm has been named Stockholm’s best coworking space in 2019 for the second year in a row by the Coworker Members’ Choice Awards. The awards are the only global coworking industry awards… More